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Announcement: RC House Rules - Last revised 1/1/2013

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Dear All,

The Racing Comments forum is a wonderful thing, one of the best racing forums on the Net. We have many loyal and longtime members and often hundreds of posts per day. Whether you are new here, or just wish to remind yourself of the rules that govern this forum (and to a large extent, the entire Bulletin Board), we ask that you please take the time to read this, albeit its length. Please be aware that not reading through this does not absolve you from abiding to our rules and at all times we will assume that you have read them.

The moderators of the forum are volunteers selected from the membership itself. They do not work for Autosport but do this to try and make the forum a better place for everyone to discuss and enjoy motorsport. If you have any comments, questions or concerns about moderation or moderation policy, we are always happy to hear your feedback. We will always consider and discuss reasonable ideas so please feel fee to let us know via PM. Discussions or comments about moderator actions are therefore discouraged in the forum itself even where they involve you. If you want to enquire why your post was deleted or edited, ask one of us via PM, but before you do so, check threads with the words [split] or [merged] appended to them as these would have been generated by a moderator and your post may have been moved there.

We will never openly discuss whether a member has been issued with a warning, suspension or permanent ban from the forum. These will always be carried out in private and we believe it is important that it stays this way. Also remember that where your post has been edited, the only people who can see comments are the moderators and you. They are invisible to other members in line with general moderating policy.

Acceptable Behaviours
Remember that the most important moderator is you. Trolling and flamebait are strictly prohibited from this forum. Where we see them we remove such posts without warning, but please do not assume that we will have seen (and therefore approved) these posts unless you have taken the time to report them. Responsibility for the atmosphere across the forum or in a thread is as much yours as ours so if you start to attack or respond in a belligerent manner then you cannot really expect things to improve. If you're going to post "lol"s and smileys or gloat when a driver or team suffers misfortune then don't be surprised if you get the same thing back.

Note that 'disagreeing with me' is not the same as trolling or flamebait.

Reporting posts brings difficult posters to our attention and while you might not see immediate changes, be assured that we will take note. Remember that "he started it" is not a valid reason for a personal attack and responding badly is just as much a part of the problem as the trolling. Whilst we welcome differences of opinion, flame baits and deliberately baiting another forum member into a response is not welcome.

We do not want to see long rows of emoticons or lols as responses to posts, or memes. These usually indicate that the post being responded to is trolling or ridiculous, or are trolling or ridiculous in themselves. Instead, please point out to everyone exactly what it is that's ridiculous or report the trolling. That way you'll become part of the solution instead of the problem.

Please do not engage in a feud using any of AUTOSPORT.com's tools, whether it is in a public thread or via the Private Messaging system. We do have an "ignore" system on the forum so if you think someone is trying to engage in an ongoing cross-thread argument with you then either report them and say why, try and sort your differences out via PM or use the ignore function.

New users who troll and disrupt the forum will banned immediately and without notice. Whilst we welcome all new users, we do not tolerate new users who fail to read and adhere to our rules.

Remember that posters start threads to encourage discussion on a particular topic of interest. If you wish to discuss a different topic, either find a relevant thread to do so using our excellent search function, or open a new one. It is particularly selfish to deprive a thread starter of the topic he or she had chosen to discuss in favour of your own.

Specific Rules
Xenophobic, homophobic sexist and other hateful comments are not welcome here. Please report them. Particularly egregious comments may result in the member being permanently excluded without warning. We accept that nationalism, feminism, religion and political viewpoints are important to motorsport but are welcome only where they concern it. Please take viewpoints on other matters to the Paddock Club.

Driver vs driver threads are only welcome for team mates where a reasonable assessment of their respective abilities can be gauged. Other comparison threads which pit driver against driver for no apparent reason are unwelcome.

You may not post information on this forum that is knowingly false. "It's just an opinion" as an afterthought, having created an argument, is simply not good enough.

You may not use this forum to complain about the events in another forum, they have nothing to do with us. Same for other bulletin boards or websites.

You may not use this forum to promote a product, whether it is a game, website or anything as such, you will be banned immediately without warning.

Members may not use this forum to post content, feeds or illegal streaming links they have copied from other websites into the forum without adequate referencing, attribution and consideration of copyright. Since August 2012, this has included AUTOSPORT and AUTOSPORT PLUS articles.

The forum is used by many people for whom English is a second language. For that reason, and in order to reduce misunderstanding or confusion, txt spk and other unusual contractions are discouraged. Occasionally it will be helpful or necessary for people to use them but users who constantly and habitually use this sort of language will be considered in breach of the rules.

We have also taken the decision to ban the general driver threads. They have evolved beyond their original remit to track items of interest only to that driver and have been used to variously discuss areas outside of motorsport, on track incidents involving that driver, teammate battles and for many other discussions well outside of the topic. Threads can still be started to discuss issues affecting a single driver, but this must be with a specific remit or point of discussion, such as the possibility of them racing in a particular series or team.

Consistent and habitual use of derogatory names, puns or bastardisations of driver names, such as Crashilton, Alonsoslow, Cheatmacher etc are considered flamebait. They might be initially amusing, and sometimes appropriate, but you won't get a sensible discussion by using these so please don't. The same is true for other members or groups of members. "Fanboy", "hater", "troll" etc are just unacceptable terms designed to attack others, as is the use of truncated or abbreviated member names despite requests to stop. Please don't do it as it just lowers the tone.

These rules are not challenges but rather boundaries. We didn't make them up because we were bored, we came up with them after five years of running what is the busiest and largest Formula One forum on the Internet and they still stand after ten. So don't test us: we really do know by now what we're doing...Having said that, know that you can always - ALWAYS - contact by PM or e-mail one of the hosts and offer advice, feedback, criticism or just make an inquiry.

When reporting posts, please expand or refer to the rule that it violates. If you think a post is trolling, tell us that and why it is, as it will allow us to get to the root of the problem quicker, especially if it is not immediately obvious or is a possibly obscure reference. Reporting posts brings problems to our attention and even if you think no action is being taken, we do take note of every single report.

Thanks for your patience and time. Please, enjoy the forum.