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Announcement: MRN's 'READ ME' * Forum etiquette * Copyright * Image posting *

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Forum etiquette

For the benefit of new members - please click here and watch the video. Some more experienced members may find this useful - and amusing - too... (It's possible you may need to upgrade your Adobe Shockwave Player to a more up-to-date version which you can find here. Don't worry; it really couldn't be simpler).

A full explanation of board rules governing acceptable behaviour and board moderation can be found here. Please make sure that you're familiar with them.


I wish to remind everyone that part of the terms and conditions for this Bulletin Board is that "You may not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or with permission of the copyright owner."

This has been further stipulated in this announcement.

Please note that copyright issues are not open for debate and you must err on the side of caution: if you are unsure whether an image is copyright protected, don't post it. Even if you feel the law somehow protects your right to post copyrighted images - but you do not have the copyright owner's permission - do NOT post it here. Simple as that.

Furthermore, note that once you are requested by a copyright owner to remove their content, you must do so at once and not ignore such request. Should we be contacted with a valid complaint of such nature, the offensive post/thread will be removed at once and the offending poster will be banned from participating on this Bulletin Board.

If you have questions regarding this announcement, or simply want to understand what copyright means anway, please go to this thread.

Thank you.

Image posting

A succinct explanation of how to effect this process (which, in reality, is far easier and much less daunting than it appears at first sight!) will appear here in due course. In the meanwhile some very useful information can be found on this thread.

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