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Least points in carrier

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#1 Postnoff

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Posted 25 September 2000 - 15:58

Which driver score least points in his carrier. Is it Lella Lombardi with 0,5 points? I've heard that some Indy-500 participant (when this race was a part of F1 championship) who scored least than 0,5 points... What do you know about it?


#2 Michael M

Michael M
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Posted 25 September 2000 - 17:53

Well, there are numerous drivers with zero points ....!

#3 Marcor

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Posted 25 September 2000 - 18:19

1954 British GP: 7 drivers shared the fastest lap of the race: Gonzales, Hawthorn, Moss, Ascari, Marimon, Behra and Fangio. They all added 1/7 point in their championship score. Of course all those champions scored somewhere else...

I also think it's Lella Lombardi, sixth at Montjuich (1975 Spanish GP). On lap 25 of the 1975 Spanish GP the leader Rolf Stommelen's Hill-Cosworth lost his rear wing. The car then went out of control and crashed into the safety barrier that collapsed under the impact and killed five people, three marshals and two reporters.

Niki Lauda, who had to retire shortly after the start when he was rammed by Mario Andretti as the American attempted to force his way through, warned himself the Race director Count de Villapadernia (a 1930’s private driver) and after a further four laps and five minutes the race was aborted and as he had been leading at the time Jochen Mass was declared the winner.

The statistics would remember this dramatic race as the only half point scored by a female driver in F1. Lella Lombardi was indeed classified sixth. But only half points were awarded as the race had not covered sufficient distance. The normal distance was 75 laps.

#4 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 30 September 2000 - 11:37

How reasonable is it to consider that seventh of a point? Only the poms timed to a fifth of a second... how many would have had equal times if they had timed to a tenth?
Certainly would have helped resolved any ties in the end of year tallies, though!