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Where to watch F1 in Madrid/Toledo?

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#1 SmercH

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Posted 25 April 2008 - 09:59


Question to those who live in Spain. I am visiting Spain (unfortunately my wife did not allow to include Barcelona in our trip : ) and during Saturday I'll be in Madrid and on Sunday I'll be in Toledo. Where should I go to watch F1 in those cities? Some sports bars, pubs with big TV screens etc. - which ones are the best and where to find them?

Can I wear my Jaguar Racing T-shirt or that would be a suicide?;) (My friends "recommended" to buy a Hamilton's merchandise before traveling to Spain :cool: )


#2 juandiego

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Posted 25 April 2008 - 10:19

Probably you won't have any problem to watch it at any bar with TV, there are plenty of them. It would be more difficult if you want to hear it in English. Try to find an Irish Tavern -oddly something not difficult here- in which it is likely they connect with some English speaking broadcasting.

#3 Atic Atac

Atic Atac
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Posted 25 April 2008 - 14:47

As F1 is in a public channel in Spain you can watch it in many bars. It´s much harder to find a big screen, but from a few years we are having some british style pub´s which are great to watch sports.

Personally i would reccomend watching it at a good hotel, as you wont get so much noise and you will find more comfortable seat´s. Spanish bar´s are the noisiest places on earth :D

Forget about watching the race in English, because it´s really hard to find that in Toledo, which is a wonderful but small city. In Madrid you can try to find something.

About the jaguar stuff just don´t worry. Only a few pple knows something about F1 history ;)

There is some anti mclaren sindrome still in the country, but nothing compared with football for example, so noone is going to disturb you.

Enjoy the trip! And if you like meat Toledo is like heaven but take care because they like things BIG! :D