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Spanish GP 2008 - post qualifying comments

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Posted 27 April 2008 - 10:46

Originally posted by Nadsat
"It's funny when you hear that you were brake-testing when the guy (that's how Alonso called Hamilton) crashed against my car... I have to hear things like that day in day out..."

if he didn't have a history of braketesting people, he might not hear this stuff


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Posted 27 April 2008 - 10:49

Originally posted by Melbourne Park
Renault should have good launch control (they all seem to have it don't they - the starts all seem very clean), so then it depends on four issues IMO:
The driver
The road surface traction
The tyre compound
The weight of the car

If FA has soft compound and a lower fuel load, his only issue then is his own timing getting off the line, and then the traction. While the traction will be less, that issue won't last long as he will move across to the full grip area.

And then there is the first corner - if he is lighter he should able to break later.

And then there is the tactical issues - FA has nothing to loose, while KR has the championship to loose. If FA storms up in the slow Renault, will KR be prepared to shut the door and hand the race to his #2 Massa, who'll be watching the two cars coming together?

well first, what you say at the beginning is always true for a start. of course it depends of driver, traction, tyre and weight :)
then...i don't know, but too many scenarios i don't think drivers go this far with them...a start is rather difficult, with a lot of cars that can be around you. i don't think alonso only looks at kimi, he has massa on the clean side close to him, and a lot of other cars. braking for turn 1, and chosing a line will depend on a lot of things.