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McLaren and/or Lewis fans (only) - have you switched your bank to Santander/Abbey?

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Posted 30 June 2008 - 15:07

A question for McLaren and/or Lewis fans only (so please don't answer if you fit neither category!)....noticing a vast amount of Santander/Abbey advertising featuring Lewis Hamilton, including the latest rather clever (IMHO) TV advert showing McLaren car + driver as a plastic Airfix-style kit, I was wondering if this has proved at all effective in getting people to switch to the Santander group.

Apparently people change banks less often then they change their wife/husband, and I was wondering what, if any, effect the Lewis-centric advertising in the UK was having in achieving their goals.

(Sure, I could have asked if Ferrari fans have switched to Marlboro, or Williams fans have switched to whoever-sponsors-Williams etc. but, certainly in the UK, the Lewis/Mac advertising by Santander is by far the most high profile, so it seemed most relevent. I openly make public my alliegences lay with Ferrari, but this is not supposed to be a bash (of Mac/Hamilton) more an indication of what/if any, direct effect this marketing campaign is having. There is of course the argument that it just helps keep the name in the forefront of the public eye to maintain a high profile' (nobody's not heard of Coke, but they still advertise...))