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Great Britain FP1/FP2 comments

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#51 Mika Mika

Mika Mika
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Posted 05 July 2008 - 07:35

Originally posted by Hippo

About the Renault engines i was thinking that maybe they're blowing them up on purpose to claim needs to update them in winter. This way they could eventually gain a significant power boost as Ferrari is rumored to have done this winter. But, i'm just talking out of my arse here.;)

Thanks for posting the times, Merc looks to have quite an advantage so far.


#52 mursuka80

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 07:35

Originally posted by BMW_F1

there was oil on the track from Alonso's car.. How is this funny?

I meant the FP2 when almost every lap he runned wide

#53 paffett4F1

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Posted 05 July 2008 - 14:47

Originally posted by mursuka80

I meant the FP2 when almost every lap he runned wide

I was in the Hangar Straight grandstand yesterday and saw Massa going round Stowe several times and he just didn't seem able to get a line through there and went off on the exit lap after lap and this wasn't the only place he was going off.

There were several different lines taken through Stowe - Massa never got nearer than 3m to the white line on the turn in when almost everyone else was skimming it.

A couple of other points -

In FP2 Alonso went deeper than anyone into the corner and was consistently clipping what was left of the concrete dust from his own engine failure from the morning.

When Massa hit the oil the oil flag and yellow flag were out and several other cars had already been through indeed the commentators seemed to think it was his second time through (I don't recall this)

On the clapping that Suzy mentioned, there was a ripple in the stand but it was more like people clapping there hands just once in surprise, I can't vouch for were Suzy was though.

The scariest moment of the day was Trulli's rear wing failure, luckily he seemed to have scrubbed a bit of speed off at the point it failed or else the impact could have been bigger.