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#1 NinjaMouse

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 08:22

Hi All

I worked on GP4, and I'd like to share something with you that you may not know about the simulator.....

It won one of these in 2002, awarded for best sports game :cool:

Posted Image

Just thought some would like to know......it sure as hell was a surpise for us.......double-y so considering Infogrames/Atari had already pulled the plug on us....lol.


#2 noikeee

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 13:24

That's awesome. Deserved prize. :up:

Now, you don't happen to have a bit of the source code and willing to share with us, don't you? :p

There's quite a bunch of people still modding the game nowadays, the latest thing some guys are struggling with is to make knockout qualifying like in current F1: http://www.grandprix...ad.php?4,794509

#3 NinjaMouse

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Posted 23 July 2008 - 23:01

Hiya and Cheers

Saddly for you, I am but a crayon, 3d Graphics Modeling......made a fair few of the track sceneries...my job was "everything outside the armco barrier" and I got to do Monaco, Canada, Spain and about 10 other tracks, slept on floor of the office on and on for about 4-6 months...eek....lol.........(we had a slight subcontractor problem at a late stage so it was mad time, hence we all had a pile on our plates) I was on the Microprose side, which was mainly graphics and integration of Geoffs (Synergy) code with various platforms, PC: Xbox and PSII (sadly not released on the 2 later, a bit like putting a bowling ball in a marble bag as they say.....

I think I still have Monaco as a 3DS Max file (proud of that one).....and probably have the source .tgas...I think I have Austria and a few others as well? But the graphics is'nt the problem in the mod community from what I gather...

As for the code...well......for that I assume you would need to talk to Crambo.....or Geoff Crammond as he is otherwise known.......but it is fair to say, he is a very special kind of genius and if I was him, I would'nt give it away either...lol.........

Have'nt heard from him in a while in the games industry and have no idea what he is doing now, but his physics and code is pretty legendary and so I assume, closely guarded.

My job was to screw over all of your machines and graphics cards by adding everyting I could see in the reference photos to the 3D Models......... But it did look pretty, and it ran too....5 years later on better machines.....LOL.... :cool:

I'm no programmer , sorry.....I don't break your machines, I just grind them to a halt..........;)

Edited to Add: If codemasters has any sense, they will be knocking on Geoffs door.......