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Researching for a 1936 Grand Prix mod

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Posted 16 October 2008 - 22:03

I put this on the Nostalgia forum, however it was quickly buried & it was possibly the wrong place to post it...

I've been making a carset for TORCS (http://torcs.sf.net) based on the 1936 Grand Prix season, but I've had a lot of difficulty finding reliable car specifications as well as detailed descriptions of each model's handling. While there's always going to be things left to my imagination and compromises to make the cars enjoyable (rather than frustrating) to drive, I'd still like it to feel as authentic as possible.

Anyway, sites like supercars.net have basic info such as max horsepower etc, but what I really need are some details such as:-

a) suspension - how hard was it (ie spring pressures), travel distances etc.
b) wheels - tyre pressures, camber and toe settings
c) torque curves - I can take a guess, but I'd rather be more accurate if possible
d) acceleration (eg 0-100kph) and time to brake from 100kph to 0.
e) any comments at all on car handling. There's quite a bit written about the Auto Union Type C (nasty oversteer on acceleration) and the W25 (understeer and kick-back oversteer on cornering), but precious little about the other cars.

I've been reliably informed that there are historical racing experts here, and I'd really appreciate any help or guidance you can give

As an open-source sim TORCS is slowly improving over time & you can't fault its price tag. As its just me working on this mod (so far anyway) progress isn't fast, but I'd like to eventually create some tracks from the period as well. There's a preview of my progress so far at http://sites.google....tions/cars/36gp.