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MG J2 - does anyone knows its rallying history?

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#1 Henk Vasmel

Henk Vasmel
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Posted 22 October 2008 - 20:07

My colleague at work, Frank van Dalen, has bought himself an MG J2 some time ago and is quite enjoying himself with the car. He even has devoted a whole website to the car. It can be found at www.frankvandalen.net
Now there is some evidence that the car was involved in the 1933 or 1934 Monte Carlo Rally. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to find any definite details. Is there anybody out there who might be able to help.
Also I was quite surprised by the fact that a Google search on Monte Carlo Rally 1933 just revealed the first 3 finishers, while documentation on, say, Le Mans in that period, gives lots of information on all participants and even the ones that did not arrive.


Henk Vasmel


#2 fivestar

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Posted 22 October 2008 - 23:02

I would suggest you go to the following url and see if they can assist if you have no luck here.
it would be useful if you can give the chassis and engine numbers.


rgds - 5*

#3 Carles Bosch

Carles Bosch
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Posted 23 October 2008 - 06:31

According to Maurice Louche's bible on the Monte-Carlo Rally, here you'll find the MGs classified in the '33 & '34 Monte-Carlo Rallys:


14th o/a, #98, Lacroze / Belgrave, MG 1,3-l.
32nd o/a, #55, Platt, MG 0,7-l.
64th o/a, #79, JB 1046, Wright, MG 1,1-l.


68th o/a, #111, Howard, MG 1,1-l.
75th o/a, #25, Kingston Whittaker, MG 1,1-l.
82nd o/a, #31, Brocklebank, MG 1,3-l.


#4 CoulthardD

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Posted 23 October 2008 - 10:37

According to The Works MGs by Mike Allison, F.M. Montgomery drove a prototype K3 in he '33 Monte, taking FTD in the Mon des Mules hillclimb and first overall in the 1100cc class. W.C. Platt drove a J3 to first place in the 750cc class. Walter Belgrave also drove a J3. No mention of the '34 event.


David Coulthard

#5 JMH

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Posted 25 October 2008 - 17:01

The following identified J2s are known to have taken part in the Monte:

J2024 (1933, E S Prestwick)
J3006 (1934 & 1937, W Oosten)
J3223 (1935, J Cotton/J Richmond)

The following are known to have taken part, but chassis numbers are not known:

J? (1934, Brocklebank)
J? (1934, Howard)
J? (1934, McClintock)

Any one of the last 3 could be Franks car (J4138). If Frank is still in touch with close relatives of the original owners he could run the names past them to see if they ring any bells.



#6 Henk Vasmel

Henk Vasmel
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Posted 29 October 2008 - 18:59


I passed the information on to Frank, who is not on this Forum. He is however familiar with the Triple-M forum.

He came back with this reply:

This J2 was first bought by a Mabel H Cheesman for the 25th birthday of her daughter Phyllis Booth. I have asked Phyllis'daughter if she recognised one of those names offered by JMH, and while she recognised one or two of them as being rally drivers in the thirties, she does not know of any connection with her mother's car. I guess I have to try and find out who the next owner was.



At least, he now has a new clue to follow.


Henk Vasmel

#7 Doctor T

Doctor T
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Posted 18 November 2008 - 00:07


Although it does not really help answer the original question, I cannot resist letting you know that I once owned MG J2 chassis number J2024. It was registered as JB 659 and when I rebuilt it in 1965/6 I noticed that it had been given a replacement nearside front cycle wing support that was dated Sept 1933 or 4 I think.

It was only 2 weeks ago that I rediscovered the original radiator, chrome cowling and mesh grill (with black and white chequers painted on the radiator grill), it's original gearbox c/w remote shift and also the original Jaegar speedo hiding in my late father's house in Wiltshire. Happy memories - now all I have to do is locate a chassis, engine and running gear and I can rebuild it again!

Bill Boddy the editor of Motor Sport (not sure how his name was spelt) spotted JB 659 in the car park at the RMCS Shrivenham during a motor sport event around 1967/8 and commented that it had over sized wheels on the front axle. Clearly he thought the owner was mad but in reality I had spun the car and damaged one of the 19" front wheels the night before. Ted Rollason lived opposite my parents and immediately lent me a couple of his spare 16" wheels with big boots so that I could make it to the event at the RMCS. It was a bit twitchy, but then when you are young your reflexes are that much sharper.

Funnily enough I miss this car more than any other car that I have owned since. Nobody seems to have heard about this car since I sold it around 1968 to a man from Trowbridge. I would love to hear from anyone who has any news of this car.


Doctor T