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Vintage Race Team Manager

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#1 anbeck

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 14:19

Hi there,

no, I'm sorry - no such game seems to be planned for release anytime soon. But if we have enough enthousiastic people here, maybe we can put something together (online or offline)!

My idea is to let us experience the golden age of motor racing (and a bit more, say 1960 to 1985 or maybe even today) from a team manager's perspective.

You start with a small garage, some engineers and mechanics. Unlike other manager games, however, you are not limited to a single type of motorsport (ie., F1 or Sports Cars), but you may try all 4 wheel things. You build an F1 car, but you really want to win the Indy 500? Build a car just for tha race!

With your first bucks you may buy a F2 customer car, or if you prefer a customer sports car. You get a young (hopefully talented) driver and you make some money, maybe even attract manufacturers (want to be the official Martini Racing Porsche team? Here you can do it!). Later, it's up to you whether you want to pursue the open wheel track and build a F1 team (get an old Lotus car and some Cosworth engines - build up your factory and build your own car later on) or prefer to become a sports car tycoon. Or are you as ambitious as Enzo Ferrari and you want to do both? Anyway, if your cars are good and/or affordable customer teams may decideto buy it and you can refinance your operation.

It's really up to your interest. Motorsport buffs might concentrate on their favourite series (win the 24h of Le Mans or the 1000km of the Nürburgring), while others might want to make a huge profit by selling their cars. Do you concentrate your efforts or do you want to be competitive all around the globe?

All the "shifts" in motorsport history will take place, but maybe not exactly in the way it happened in real life. For example: will there be turbos in F1 or not? Will prototypes or GT cars be allowed for Le Mans? Will customer cars in F1 be outlawed or not?

Of course, for legal reasons any downloadable version would have to be with fake names (Orchid instead of Lotus, 24h of Le Havre instead of Le Mans, and so on) - nothing that couldn't be edited manually ;)

Graphics aren't important, I think. I found Games such as Grand Prix Wizard highly addictive, but rather limited in scope. Bringing all this stuff into a small game would be great.

So does anybody have any comments? Anything?


#2 BorderReiver

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Posted 28 October 2008 - 14:48

I'd love to play it, I've been after such a game for a long, long time, but in terms of how to practically make one . . .

I've no idea :)

#3 anbeck

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Posted 29 October 2008 - 17:14

That's already cool!

So I will start gathering the necessary information bit by bit.

Does anybody know where to find race calendars with all the huge series and classes compiled into one? Is there a calendar on the net like that?

#4 marchof73

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Posted 29 October 2008 - 23:01

I,m with you all the way,should be a great game of a great period in racing.
Doug Nye,s GP Cars ,66 to ,85 will give you all the F1 stuff you,ll need,and more.
Autocourse will give you F1 and all the other major series

#5 Paolo

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Posted 18 November 2008 - 18:28

I am working (alone atm) on something like that.

Could switch my efforts towards a common project.

I would prefer project to result in a professional (revenue-providing...) product, so this could require the signing of some documents.

Let me know if interested.

#6 Frank Verplanken

Frank Verplanken
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Posted 27 November 2008 - 07:27

Been thinking about something like this since years too... I would love to be part of such a project... I'm afraid I lack the informatics knowledge but can provide anything having to do with race dates, results, entries, team rosters, pictures, track data, biographies, etc. etc. for motor racing of the XXth Century. I for instance have the sketch of such a project covering 1967. Rather modest effort I reckon, it covers around 20 championships. I have made full entry lists and race schedule for this.

Ideally I would see something covering the 1945-67 era, but this is definitively negociable :).

So where do we start :D ? I can provide some webspace and a forum to gather the interested people for starters and see what we have in common in terms of objectives and of complementary in terms of abilities.

#7 Paolo

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Posted 01 December 2008 - 10:16


I sent you a PM.

#8 Barry Boor

Barry Boor
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Posted 10 December 2009 - 09:31

On the subject of racing team managers.... Last weekend I invested a whole £5 in a computer sim called Racing Team Manager. I wonder if anyone else has come across this one?

I have tried a search on this forum but came up empty.

I should have known.... because nowhere on the packaging do I see the Bernie Ecclestone F.1 trade mark and lo and behold, the game has nothing to link it to real F.1 other than the circuits the cars 'race' on.

All the teams, liveries and drivers are fictitious and the whole thing seems to be a big advert for the German t.v. company RTL.

That aside, the player has a budget, has to purchase the bits for the cars, set them up and send them off to race. My computer is old and slow so the technical construction seemed to take forever. I lost the will to carry on after first practice in Australia and couldn't see where I might save the game, but certainly my two drivers were 1 and 2 in that session.

It would take half a lifetime to run and entire season and I'm already over 60! So I'm afraid it's back to the slot cars for me.

Apologies to Anbeck for hijacking his thread but I didn't think it was worth starting another.