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$tarting Money & $upport Money

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Posted 03 December 2008 - 15:28

An old topic, but one with contextual implications. The various agreements on starting monies in the late Fifties and into the Sixties have once more captured my attention. I have embarked upon a look -- a narrative, if you will -- at the grand prix world during the 1961/65 timeframe. Generated in large part because as much as I generally loathe that period in the gp timeline, it deserves better than what it is generally given in the way of attention.

While preparing the background material as well as forming the narrative, the issue of the various starting money schemes seems to be distinguished by its absence once you start nosing around. Nye does a very good job discussing the Monte Carlo scheme of 1961 (in BRM V2) and the Mayfair/Paris scheme of late 1963 is provided by Cooper-Evans (Private Entrant). I have something on the Brussels proposal of 1957, but not much on the Frankfurt Scale. Whatever I thought I had on the Frankfurt Scale seems to have vanished.

While Brussels and Frankfurt are prior to the specific period I am writing about, the set the stage for how the business of racing was conducted Back In The Day. Besides, my curiosity is getting the best of me on this.

Support monies has been discussed to an extent, how Esso, Shell, and BP provided teams with both direct financial support and "payment in kind" by supplying fuel and oil. Much the same with Dunlop and various others within the Motor Trade, as it was once referred to in the Comics. Once more, Nye the Munificent has been extremely helpful as has Gauld the Gracious.

For those teams not being supported by the generosity of the Motor Trade establishment, is not unreasonable to assume that some sort arrangements were made regarding procuring fuel, lubricants, and other items such as spark plugs, tires, and whatnot? For teams that had an association with a garage, it would seem to be blindingly obvious how things were done, but were there many -- if any -- teams which had arrangements for some level of support from those in the Motor Trade? I ask this since while I have a fairly good grasp of the general picture, there are always those special cases or situations that either hide in plain view or which I genuinely don't know about.

I am aware that there are bits and pieces floating about on this general topic, having looked at them over the last several days after dredging them up using the BB Search capability. However, I am seeking, if possible, information that I can attach a reference point to, such as the Brussels material in the April 1957 issue of Motor Racing.

Thanks. HDC