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The Online Racing Association (TORA)

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Posted 19 March 2009 - 15:36

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Welcome to TORA, The Online Racing Association.

We are a non profit organization who run online racing events and competitions and provide a professional environment for of any age and skill level.

Simulation racing games offer the graphics and physics to make you feel like you are racing a car. However TORA aims to replicate what these games cannot, life in a racing series, whether that be as a team manager choosing partners and sponsors or as a racing driver with the pressures of meeting targets and forming rivalries, by providing an interactive realism that only a community such as ourselves can provide.

We are based on the Xbox 360 platform due to its robust online infrastructure, universal voice chat support and large user base.

Forza 2 is our game of choice as it offers an unparalleled opportunity to build racing cars to our own specs and paint unique and replica liveries, which gives our championships a realistic feel. In addition very soon we will be adding RACE PRO and DIRT 2 to our portfolio, as well as codemasters upcoming Formula 1 game.

In 2010 we shall branch out onto the Playstation 3 for Gran Turismo 5.

We run three main competitions at the moment;

The TORA GT Championship - Sundays Fortnightly at 8PM

This is inspired by the FIA GT and British GT championships and will be entering its fourth season in early May.
The GT Championship is at the centre of TORA's activities and can be considered as our main series that we run.
Starting life as the Forza 2 British GT Championship back in November 2007, this has been the roots from which TORA has grown, consistently fielding large grids and producing exciting racing with championships only decided at the last race.
Now entering its fourth season and with exciting new regulations, the GT Championship stands to provide an even closer racing experience than before with more evenly matched cars and an new extended raceday structure.

We have put together a little Promo video to highlight the key features of the upcoming season which cam be view either on our website or here, http://www.youtube.com/user/TORAmedia

TORA GP Championship - Sundays Fortnightly at 8PM

Fan of Formula 1? Want your fix of McLaren or Ferrari before the F1 game comes out?
Try our GP Championship for the next best thing. Raced using the Peugeot 908 LMP1 and requiring replica F1 liveries, the GPC is contested over eight rounds across the globe.
The cars are 'stock' and without tune or setup making it a purely driver oriented series.
Who can master one of the most powerful prototype cars in the world?
The GPC is an exciting and high velocity championship to bridge the gap before the imminent arrival of the Formula 1 2009 game form codemasters.

Watch this video to get a sample of the action... http://www.youtube.c...re=channel_page

TORA Touring Car Championship - Tuesdays Fortnightly at 8PM

Inspired by the British Touring Car Championship.
Panel bashing, door handle to door handle, wheel to wheel over thirty races at ten circuits.
With a wide range of road derived machinery, the TCC aims to provide a racing environment as close to the spirit of its real world inspiration as possible.
Touring cars, by its very nature epitomizes close racing and the TORA series has this in spades. Each championship has been highly successful and been full of action. Season 3 is expected to be no different.
If you're a fan of tin tops, this is THE series for you!

Watch this video to get a sample of the action... http://www.youtube.c...re=channel_page

TORA Special Events - Tuesdays & Thursdays Fortnightly at 8PM

These events are community led and are often one-off specials.

Past SPEs have included;

The Peugeot Cup
WRC mini series
Nurburg 24
MARTINI 25th Anniversary Event

Currently our main SPE is...

The Seat Supercup is the ultimate test of a drivers skill. The championship is run in stock Seat Leon Supercup cars and with short races sees very close competition.
This Series runs on alternate tuesdays to the TORA Touring Cars and makes a change from the upgrading and tuning to just pure driver skill.

Watch this video to get a sample of the action... http://www.youtube.c...feature=channel

Planned for the near future are;

Petit Le Mans
Nascar 200
F BMW Series

Ok so now out know about us and what we offer, here is how to get involved.

Our home is our website, found here, www.theonlineracingassociation.com

It is the place to go to find out what is going on with TORA; news, podcasts, features, blogs, calendars, team profiles, hall of fame and much much more...

To become a member of TORA you will need to visit our forum (link found at the top of our site)

Make a post in the ‘Sign-up to TORA’ section and choose an available number.

Then have a look at our series and sign-up to as many as you wish by following the instructions you will be prompted with.

If you have any quires about these steps, a member of staff will help you out.

Many thanks for reading and we hope to see you on the track with us very soon.


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Posted 16 January 2011 - 22:09

TORA 2011 has some significant changes in store. New details will be posted shortly :)

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Posted 17 January 2011 - 08:07

Ahh this brings back happy memories of the LFRS days. :) (I think that's what it was called.. you'd think I'd remember, I ran one of the leagues).

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