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F1 TV coverage around the world

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#1 acarvalho

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Posted 13 April 2009 - 21:19

Hello, guys.

I was reading now an article from Ed Gorman at Formula One Blog (The Times UK) where he made a great analisys from BBC's coverage on the first two races of 2009 season. Then the readers posted their comments about the work of each member from BBC F1 staff. It seems that everyone there is doing well, except Jonathan Legard.

And what about the other countries? How do you see F1 coverage made by your local TV network? Here in Brazil we're not lucky so far, with a long-time narrator (Galv√£o Bueno) that seems to be worse each year and reporters with a poor knowledge of the sport. In the end, we are presented to poor reports of each race, just showing us few opinions of the drivers, and just only the brazilian ones.

It could get worse, but fortunately we have an experienced commentator (Reginaldo Leme) that sometimes bring us special information supported by technical analisys from Luciano Burti. But even with it, brazilian coverage is very, very poor. Sometimes it seems to be made for stupid spectators or casual viewers.


#2 ashnathan

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Posted 13 April 2009 - 21:35

I tried to like Legard, but i just can't, he makes more mistakes than Murray. And the way he says koobika and booooemi shit me.

I watched the Chinese Grand Prix from last year yesterday, and it amazes me at just how much better James Allen is than the bbc commentary, martin remains the same, good, Johnathan is rubbish though. James explained other aspects of F1, and other stories that were floating around in the background, Legard is just fixated on what is happening in front of him. Maybe that is just me reading too much into it, but as much as Allen said some dickheaded stuff, he still knew what he was talking about.

if Legard is to stay with the beeb for this season, please get Allen for next season. Brundle and Allen gel, Legard and Brundle don't. Nothing against Legard, i just don't think he has the right 'stuff'.