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about another 1947 car

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#1 alessandro silva

alessandro silva
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Posted 16 October 2000 - 12:43

I have found in lists of results for the second half of 1947 and first half of 1948 French Formula A races a car called Darl'Mat (or similar, the spelling in my lists is not unique) driven by Charles de Cortanze and finishing usually in the second half of the pack. The driver's family name is in my memory connected with racing Peugeots.
May I know something about this car?


#2 Marcel Schot

Marcel Schot
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Posted 16 October 2000 - 12:58

http://www.peugeot.c...894-1998_4.html might get you going

de Cortanze also took part in the 1937 and 1938 24 Heurs du Mans with a similar (the same?) car, finishing 8th in 1937 and 5th in 1938.

#3 Felix Muelas

Felix Muelas
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Posted 16 October 2000 - 20:20

Alessandro, Marcel

I hate to say this, but sometime ago I researched on this particular subject. What I hate to say is that whatever the results I obtained, I don´t have the foggiest idea of where they are now!

Only chance could be that Racer might have a copy of whatever the conclussions were, but I´m unsure.

Anyway, Marcel has put us in the right track. The Peugeot Darl´Mat (a special 402 prepared chez the Peugeot Paris most famous "concessionaire" Emile Darl´Mat) made its basic carreer at the 1937-1938 Le Mans, winning in that last year the 2 liter class.

Now, I also think that the car that we found racing in 1947 has to be one of those. Assumption is based on the fact that, after the war, the Peugeot factory was in such shambles that they only produced a couple of electrical cars (VLV) together with some trucks and the pick-up version of the 202. Normal 202s were only produced as from 1947, and all efforts were focusing on the launching of the 203, thing that finally happened in 1948.

I guess de Cortanze found the original car still could provide some entertainment, and hence he used it.

But it´s just a guess...

Posted Image

#4 Racer.Demon

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Posted 16 October 2000 - 22:24

So what would his relation be to André de Cortanze, the man who designed the superb Peugeot 905 sportscar and is now the chief designer for Toyota's new F1 challenger...

Incidentally, in the flesh the Darl'Mat looks even more stunning than in Felix's picture. Anyone in the vicinity of Sochaux should visit the Musée Peugeot - it's not that far from the Schlumpf museum.

#5 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 17 October 2000 - 00:56

I've related previously about this car being the first Peugeot that famous Australian Pug dealer Norm Saville had contact with.
To me it is a very glamorous machine and has that Le Mans History to stand behind it...
Saville, in the army at the time, was just an Australian soldier trying to get away from the German advance into Tobruk. Everyone was running at the time, retreating into the desert... along the way, he and his mate came upon this Darl'mat where some pommie officers had stopped to relieve themselves. They were probably not so relieved when relieved of the car, but Norm and his mate drove on in it... until it blew a head gasket.
It was abandoned in the desert!
Norm later died after a rollover in the 1979 Repco around Australia Trial, in which his two co-drivers were killed. His injuries awoke an old cancer in him...
I'd love to build a replica with modern engine etc... would look great!