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Indy Attendance?

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#1 Apollo4

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Posted 20 October 2000 - 18:06

Well all through the F1 weekend at Indy all the announcers kept reminding the TV viewers on how this would be the most attended F1 race ever.

Is this really true?

I've read in a couple of different places stating that the pre-war races at the Nurburgring had 350k+ spectators numerous times. But yes, I know this was not an F1 race. I guess I just find it hard to belive that after racing started back after the war that an attendance of 250k was never achived at an F1 race. If true, it goes to show the power of 30's GP racing!

Anyone know the current attendance runner up to Indy?


#2 PDA

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Posted 20 October 2000 - 20:20

Those 30s races were F1. Nurburgring was reputed to have 300,000 plus attendance through the fifties.

#3 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 20 October 2000 - 21:16

I recall reports from the races of the fifties and sixties at the 'Ring mentioning 350,000.
Now, let's get serious.... was the Indy figure for race day alone, or a total of three days?
The return of M-B to the ring in 1954, for instance, has Neubauer stating: "The following day Fangio's driving brought 350,000 people to their feet..."
I'm sure the figure was also used by Jenks in his 1962 report of the staggeringly wet race which saw Gurney on the front row of the grid in the Porsche.
It pops up regularly through the period, so perhaps there is some fact behind it... people climbing trees for a view, camping out in the fields, roaming about the pine forests... not like your cushy stands at Indy...