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Rally Badges

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Dennis David
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Posted 25 October 2000 - 17:09

Here is a puzzle for you all ...

I have a 1964 Maserati Mistral, whose first owner registered the car in Rome. I have been able to establish that the chassis was the 21st built and includes the mounting points for the independent rear suspension which was only included on the prototype/development car. All production Mistrals were fitted with cart springs and live rear axle.

Screwed onto the glove box lid are two badges of, I believe, competition origin. However, I don¹t know what events they are from, or if they are of any importance. Are you able to offer any knowledge?

There is a round badge. It is undated, but comprises concentric circles of green white and red. Contained within the main red circle is a crest, made up of four separate crests or regions. The names in each are (clockwise from top left) Venezia, Genova, Pisa and Amalfi.

The second square badge is dated 1965, and is titled ŒInternat Sternfahrt¹. The badge retains a Swiss plaque, however two other plaques were also originally on the badge, behind one of which was a secondary title of ŒWIPA¹.

Can you offer any knowledge or know any history of these events?

Kind regards,

Damon Evison