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A Family Racing Mystery

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#1 Dennis David

Dennis David
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Posted 30 October 2000 - 03:24

Dear Mr. David,

A cousin of mine who lived in the early part of the 20th century was
apparently a successful motor racer of some sort. He lived in
Coatbridge Scotland and his father honored him with a poem written at
that time. The poem is the only clue we have to his racing
experiences. I have attached the poem with the request that you take a
look at it and see if anything in it suggests some events you may know.
I think, perhaps, the names of the other racers and the locales of races
might suggest something. Thanks for you help.

Barry Pavelec
Kingston, NJ USA

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Posted Image


#2 Pete Stanley

Pete Stanley
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Posted 30 October 2000 - 03:56

What will Ray Bell make of such poetry?

#3 Darren Galpin

Darren Galpin
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Posted 30 October 2000 - 08:01

It sounds to me like the poem is talking about Bob Cleland, who sadly died this year. I don't know much about his racing exploits, but his son is John Cleland, who is a multiple British Touring Car Champion.

#4 Michael M

Michael M
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Posted 30 October 2000 - 10:42

The poem is talking about dollars and greenbacks, so instead of Scotland it looks more like the USA.

#5 Pascal

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Posted 30 October 2000 - 12:35

And isn't "tire" the American spelling of tyre?

#6 Pete Stanley

Pete Stanley
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Posted 30 October 2000 - 22:05

It seems the racing was in the USA. The poem mentions Boston and New York.

But I can more easily imagine the speaker with a Scottish accent than an American. Rhymes: behind/wind & Frey/Blensky

#7 Ray Bell

Ray Bell
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Posted 03 November 2000 - 14:06

Somebody called? .... and while I was away!
Perhaps he travelled to do his racing?