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Favourite circuits you raced on

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Posted 07 December 2010 - 17:56

A favourite circuit? Is it one that you went particularly well at? One that you had the most success at?

I weighed this up and for me it has to be Pembrey. Not because I was brilliant there or that I won a load of races there (I think my best ever finish was a 3rd). It's because in 94, 95 and 96 when I was racing with the CRMC I had 3 of the most enjoyable weekends I've spent competing there. I always liked the circuit, it's got quite a good layout and for I personally found it quite testing. It was the overall experience of those weekends that I liked, from pitching up on a Friday evening to leaving on Sunday afternoon that I really enjoyed. I spent whole weekends at plenty of other circuits but Pembrey is the one I liked the most. Whether that would be the case now I don't know as Barber is pushing it close.

Snetterton will always be up there as well, I had my first race there and my last in the UK, Lydden was OK ( my first win there) and I always preferred the long circuit at Brands to the short.

Robin is right, there are many reasons why you remember a particular circuit, not always due to the racing. Unfortunately, I'm so out of date that most of my recollections are of circuits which either don't even exist now or have been altered considerably. Perhaps the Southern 100 in Castletown, or maybe Dundrod are as I raced on, but even my beloved Monza has chicanes now. I suppose the best for a riding experience, I'd have to say, was Clermont-Ferrand. If you can imagine the IOM mountain section and the Nurburgring squeezed down to 5 miles, all looped round a mountain in the Auvergne, you've got it.

Actually, I wonder if our liking for a particular circuit isn't often down to an individual bend? The 32nd or 33rd in the IOM, the original Gerard's at Mallory, the Curva Grande at Monza spring to mind. Favourite bends might almost make another thread of its own.

The social side doesn't even need racing: one of my pleasantest memories was of tyre testing for Dunlop in the late '70s at Misano. Takasumi Katayama was also there testing his bikes and he really had the job sorted. When lunchtime approached, two small vans turned up from the hotel, waiters erected a long trestle table, dressed it correctly as for a dinner and produced an array of dishes of food, whereupon Taka invited us peasants to dine with his party. As you can imagine, it soon became an hilarious lunch. His gesture was so typical of the kindness in the paddock and I hope the MotoGP paddock is the same today.

One could go on at length, the 400 yard right-hander at Stavelot on the old Spa circuit at the end of the Masta straight, the northern part of the Assen circuit, since lost in two upgrades, we might even mention the unisex doorless showers at the old Brno circuit..... or perhaps not!

Sorry, guys, my excuse is that the forum is entitled the Nostalgia Forum and it's all as fresh as yesterday to me.


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Posted 07 December 2010 - 18:09

Thanks , Terry , and very well said :up:

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Posted 08 December 2010 - 18:13

Yep 2nd that Terry, its great to hear these tales, thank you & keep them coming! :D