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Vasco Sameiro

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#1 Leif Snellman

Leif Snellman
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Posted 11 November 2000 - 21:54

I know a certain Mr. Sameiro finished 4th in Rio de Janeiro GP 1937 but I know nothing further about him.

Now I got a letter asking if it could be a certain Portuguese driver named Vasco Sameiro?
"I don't much about him but enough to know he was a racing hero in our tiny country before WW2. The Braga circuit is named after him."

Do anyone know anything more?


#2 jarama

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Posted 13 November 2000 - 23:04


Checking info for the thread about "montjuïc park", the podium for the IV GP de la Penya Rhin, 06-25-1933, was as follows:

1st.) Juan Zanelli, Alfa Romeo, 95.116 kmh
2nd.) Vasco Sameiro, Alfa Romeo, 1'46" behind
3rd.) Marcel Lehoux, Bugatti, 2'56" behind

PP, Tazio Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo 8C Monza, 2'16"
FL, Tazio Nuvolari, Alfa Romeo 8C Monza, 2'13" @ 102.586 kmh

The race was held under the F-Libre rules and scheduled to 40 laps, 151.63 km.

Isn't a lot about Vasco Sameiro, but...

#3 Marcel Schot

Marcel Schot
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Posted 14 November 2000 - 07:24

Some very sketchy details here and some more useful here

This last page "proves" the Portuguese Sameiro indeed raced in South America.

http://www.hut.fi/~kpietila/0444.html mentions Sameiro driving in Penya-Rhin in 1954.

Come to think of it, these are all 50s...another father-son event? :)