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F1 Intra team battles 2010

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#1 MortenF1

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 12:35

So, how do you see it turning out between the many new driver pairings? Will there be a shift between team-mates who's raced together for a season already?

1/2 McLaren–Mercedes, Button vs Hamilton.
-A driver pairing I'm looking very much forward to see. Qualifying will be Hamilton's territory all the way I think, and certainly amplified by this being Button's first season with new engineers. I'm thinking around two-three tenths in Hamilton's favour.
As I've touched on before, the races might be more interesting between the two, as Button's smoother style should (could?) preserve the tires better. However I'm not sure, so this is something I'm itching to see. Conclusion is that Hamilton will come out on top nonetheless, but I've always thought of Button as very strong, so I think he'll be pretty close on points. (I've included him in my top10 performers each season since his debut. OK, he only got a mention in '08...)

3/4 Mercedes GP, Rosberg vs M. Schumacher.
-Wooho, this should be great to watch! I refuse to believe Schumacher has lost speed so Rosberg will face his toughest challenge yet, and probably wont face a more complete team-mate for as long as he's racing. Having said that I think Schumacher's raw speed is the same, by default I have to say he'll come out on top. But I've always held Rosberg in high regard, so I'm of the opinion that this will not be one-sided.

5/6 Red Bull–Renault, Vettel vs Webber.
-Didn't Vettel actually wear his rear tires more than Webber last year? If tire-wear will indeed be a factor - no-one knows really how the compounds will cope - this could be something to tip the weight-scale. Webber lost his qualifying edge with the slicks - are there any reason to expect a change this year? Red Bull have a tremendously formidable driver pairing and I'm expecting a repeat from last year really; on balance evenly matched.

7/8 Ferrari, Massa vs Alonso.
-Alonso will be what Ferrari missed in Räikkönen as Schumacher's successor. As he's more interested in the broader side of working with the team, I think Alonso will, atleast with some time, get the car to his liking. Massa is no slouch, but he wont topple Alonso apart from on a handful of Saturdays and Sundays I think.

9/10 Williams–Cosworth, Barrichello vs Hülkenberg.
-I've said before that this is to my mind, an underwhelming driver pairing. Barrichello can be amazing on his days, and if those come often, any rookie will feel he's banging his head against the wall. I know very little about Hülkenberg, but "everybody" says he's very quick. I have to go with Barrichello though, as the German is a rookie. Suspect he'll line up infront and see the flag before Barrichello a few times in the second half of the season though.

11/12 Renault, Kubica vs Heidfeld? d'Ambosio?
-If it's d'Ambrosio Kubica will get bored putting several tenths on him. If it's Heidfeld I'm expecting the same small but consistent advantage to continue.

14/15 Force India–Mercedes, Sutil vs Liuzzi.
-I'm expecting Liuzzi to just come out on top this year. I've always rated him highly but said that he probably needs guidance from the right team, and another ingredient is to be comfortable and I think he is at Force India. If he really wins this battle, it wont be with a big margin though, 'cause Sutil is also very quick.

16/17 STR–Ferrari, Buemi vs Alguersari.
-Buemi. ...but I'm not too interested.

24/25 Sauber Ferrari, Kobayashi vs de la Rosa(?)
-I think Kobayashi will beat dela Rosa.

About the new teams, I'm not really excited about any of them, but there should be some interesting driver battles.
Trulli will beat Kovalainen, but it'll be tight I think. Glock will beat di Grassi, but he'll show good speed, the rookie.

18. Jarno Trulli
19. Heikki Kovalainen

US F1–Cosworth
20. Jacques Villeneuve
21. Jose Maria Lopez

22. Timo Glock
23. Lucas di Grassi


Guys and girls, over to you!

Edit - took a look today and edited spelling errors.

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 12:47

Hamilton vs. Button

Qualifying - Hamilton
Race - Varied

Rosberg vs. Schumacher

Qualifying - Schumacher
Race - Schumacher

Vettel vs. Webber

Qualifying - Vettel
Race - Varied

Massa vs. Alonso

Qualifying - Massa (If he can outqualify Schumacher, he can do the same with Alonso)
Race - Varied

Barrichello vs. Hulkenburg

Qualifying - Hulkenburg
Race - Hulkenburg
I'm expecting Barrichello to get a big surprise

Kubica vs. Villeneuve/Heidfeld/d'Ambrosio/Tung/Grosjean

Qualifying - Kubica (if Heidfeld isn't 12) Heidfeld (If he is
Race - Kubica

Sutil vs. Liuzzi
Qualifying - Sutil

Race - Liuzzi

Buemi vs. Alguersuari

Qualifying - Buemi
Race - Buemi

No contest really

Trulli vs. Kovalienen

Qualifying - Trulli
Race - Kovalienen

Glock vs. Di Grassi

Qualifying - Glock
Race - Glock

Will do another version later when the full lineup is announced.

#3 MortenF1

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 13:08

Massa vs. Alonso

Qualifying - Massa (If he can outqualify Schumacher, he can do the same with Alonso)

Lining up ahead a handful of times yes, but beating him on average??


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Posted 08 January 2010 - 13:14

It'll be very close...

#5 SAFC09

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 13:31

It'll be very close...

If Massa has fully recovered i expect him to give Alonso all he can handle

#6 Owen

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 13:36

The Schu and Rosberg comparision will be an interesting one.

#7 MortenF1

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Posted 08 January 2010 - 17:10

For Schumacher I think it means meating a driver of Massa's calibre.

#8 De Jokke

De Jokke
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Posted 08 January 2010 - 18:09

mcl: qwf: hamilton but sometimes button (kovy also beated hami fuel corrected a few times)
races: hamilton

merc: qwf: schum
races: schum

rbr: qwf: vettel
races: vettel

fer: qwf: alonso
races: alonso

#9 Turbo4

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 15:15

qwf Hamilton
races Button

Hamilton wins the points battle by virtue of qualifying higher 80% of the time.

qwf Massa.... just
races Alonso

Alonso wins the battle by 15-20 points

qwf Schumac:er
races Schumacher

Schumacher wins by a LOT. Rosberg lovers cower in shame.


qwf Vettel.... just
races Webber

Webber wins the inter-team at the second last race. Vettel moves to Mercedes for 2011.

#10 MortenF1

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Posted 18 January 2010 - 19:29

Come on, have your say!

#11 bankoq

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Posted 18 January 2010 - 20:26

qualy - Hamilton with comfortable margin 0.2-0.3s
race - Lewis 0.1-0.2s faster in race conditions on average, but much more consistency from Button, might be seperated by no more than 5-10 points at the end of the season

qualy - Massa by a very small margin
race - quite equal on pace, but Alonso more consistent, small difference in points at the end of the season like in McLaren

Mercedes GP
qualy - Schumacher
race - Schumacher, I don't believe he lost any of his skills it's Schumi domination

Red Bull
qualy - Vettel, don't know what happened to Mark maybe it's about slick tires?
race - on average equal on pace but Vettel should have more stunning races, just like last year, and better consistency

qualy - Barrichello by small margin
race - Barrichello with better consistency, but Hulkenberg should have some stunning races beating Rubens comfortably

qualy - Kubica, if Heidfeld joins the team Robert should still have the upper hand but it will be much harder for him (sth like 11-8 in his favor)
race - Kubica, if Heidfeld joins Robert 0.1-0.2s faster on average and both should have great consistency

But if Renault builds top running car it's Kubica all the way both in qualy & race.

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#12 Hypnotise

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Posted 18 January 2010 - 20:46

2 That are Interseting the rest i dont really give a sheet


Quali:Lewis by not such a margin

Race:Hamilton way more consistent ;)