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North American Open Wheel Racing League

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Posted 10 January 2010 - 21:14

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Welcome Drivers to the 2010 Season of SimCar Racing. We'll be celebrating our 5th year of league racing this year and we want you to attend the party.

This SimCar season a few things have stayed the same while some things that have made quite a change. All the while, we're still staying true to our North American roots. What has remained are the vehicles we will be using in order to gain the championship points we all hold so dear.

SimCar's Champ1 Series has finally matured, in contrast to seasons past when we'd hope to have field sizes larger than five to seven drivers. As the season was winding up, the admins found that the Champ1 Series (using the CART Factor mod) garnered just as high of attendance as what the series would pull in the first round. It seems that SimCar AND it's drivers have found their niche for their top rung series.

When polled, the drivers of the Champ2 series held hands high when asked who wanted to continue with the Nippon mod that has served us well these many seasons. A good trainer for the Champ1 series, the last Driver's Championship came down to the last race to settle things. This series has always fashioned its way into creating tight races and finishing results. SimCar looks to build on what has already been accomplished and make more champions out what seemed to be a lost season.

The changes to the SimCar ladder will come in the form of the C3 FBMW and the P2 NorAm Championships. Last season, the admins did away with the Champ3 Professional Driver's Championship in lieu of fostering quicker, more competant drivers from the ranks of the Sportsman drivers. Mission Accomplished! Using the FBMW chassis, we split the races into two halves and let the sportsmen go at it, man to man, wheel to wheel. This created drivers who remained unphased and fighting if and when a professional driver ever caught them up. Sportsman mistakes were costly, but they were also confidence-builders. This season we're inviting the professional drivers back into their own subseries, enabling them to score their points again. This still remains a two-race series but we've found that the more skilled drivers have learned to help the Sportsman drivers and the admins have found a formula that makes that happen. Pro drivers, grab your training partner, and let's continue to make better drivers.

The P2 NorAm Championship stays put with the Enduracers mod for 2010. The mod has made its impression on SimCar drivers and admins alike with the added strategy of tire wear and choice of team chassis. We found while running the second half of last season that each chassis has it strengths and weaknesses that are all venue-dependant. This season, the race time of day (RTOD) changes. As we approach each round, we'll have to read the race brief in order to know what RTOD to setup for. One week, a race may start at 4pm; the next, 10am. During testing, we've found that a change in TOD really changes how these beasts react to inputs and setup changes. What worked at Estoril at 12pm didn't at all at 3.


Putting the spotlight more on the endurance side of the series, besides our normal one-hour events we have two races that are scheduled to be more that 1.5 hours, a 24-hour daylight race, a full night race and one race that is so far up in Canada that we'll be racing the sun. The NorAm Championship is going to be a handful this season drivers. Gloves optional.

During the last few seasons, SimCar has run a Tuesday Night Fun Series. This season we're trying to plus it up a bit. Tuesday night is now Kart night, folks. We're even going to score points here. The admins feel that seeing SimCar's roots state American open-wheel racing as our focus and vision, I think it only obvious to include this series into our gadgets at hand. Prepare yourself, drivers. It's harder than it looks to go fast in these. A decision still has to be made so far as a fixed setups or not. Us older gentlemen of SimCar should work on our fast hand-eye coordination skills. These things are that quick!

See the racing schedule for further information and stand by for a rulebook update also.

That's about it for the 2010-01 season roundup. Look for each other in the paddock and on the hotlaps board. Good luck and Get Grip!

www.simcarracing.com :cool:

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