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Guy Ligier & Gerard Ducarouge

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#1 Chris Skepis

Chris Skepis
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Posted 14 April 2010 - 04:49

hi lads
I was going through a french book called Le Livre D´or De La Formule 1 1981 , and there is a three page article about the Ligier x Ducarouge disgreement (or something even more serious). Unfortunally I understand very little french, but as far as I could understand, it was pretty serious, and ended up with Ligier changing his personal phone number !! Could anyone tell me what originated this disagreement and the development of the story ? The end we all know. Decarouge left the Ligier team and joined Alfa Romeo. What was Laffite and Jabouille positions in this case.
I went through the ´search´ option before posting this tread but I coudn´t find anything related to it.


#2 Formula Once

Formula Once
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Posted 14 April 2010 - 17:45

All I know is that when it became clear that Jabouille (given his injuries) was no longer able to race an F1 car properly, Talbot decided that for the money he earned he might as well do a bit more than just sitting on the sidelines and made him manager. As such he became much more involved technically too and while he was the best of friends with his brother-in-law Laffite he did clash with Ducarouge. I don't know what role Ligier himself played in all this. From what you posted it seems things got a little bit more intense than just a clash between Jabouille and Ducarouge, so I am curious too what happened precisely.