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How successfull was the BMW E3 series in any racing ? (2500,2800, 3.0 S Si)

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Posted 21 April 2010 - 14:53


I am trying to research the BMW E3 serie racing histrory. The E3 is a 4 door luxury sedan of BMW, made from 1968-1976.

Generally there are some good websites (like racingsportscars, Frank's site, etc). So as I see most of the cars are raced with private drivers, mainly in some races in etcc, uk, and australia.

But what about the the rest of the european, african, asian, etc races ? Is the E3 ever won any major or local race championship year ?

Also I would like to know why bmw hasn't supported the E3 in racing, or why the bmw hasn't asked any tuner to represent the e3 serie in the races.

It it clear that all the 4 well known tuners, Schnitzer, Alpina, Koepchen, GS BMW Tuning - based on their periodic brochures - made tuning kits for the E3 serie. So the know-how was there.