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Monza 2011 General Admission

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#1 Rajdeep

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Posted 23 December 2010 - 16:03

Well, after a lot of thought, I finally chose Monza 2011 as my (and the better half's) first GP experience. Being an Alonso and hence, Ferrari fan made this a somewhat easy decision. Now, the only hope is that the result next year is the same as this year. The tickets and the flights are already done. We're going GA and have a couple of questions to the more experienced travelers.

Looking at the circuit map, the most suitable location for GA seems to be between the Martini bridge and the entry to Ascari. There's supposed to be a TV screen in front of Stand 12. The first question is whether the TV is visible from the GA area, if we stick close to the grandstand.

Next, how does this area compare to the inside of the Parabolica (entry or exit), or the 2nd Lesmo. Is there a TV screen at the 2nd Lesmo (I seem to get conflicting opinions from different websites).

Last one, would it be possible to get to the champagne celebrations after the race from Ascari if we run? I guess the Lesmo would be too far away and would take minimum 30 mins to get to the start/finish straight.

Thanks in advance for all your help.

Btw, if anyone is going to the GP and interested in meeting up, we would love to.



#2 JiimyDesperado

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Posted 25 December 2010 - 23:31

Hi Rajdeep,

You will easily get to the podium if you run from the Ascari. We were in the cheapest g-stand just before the Parabolica this year. We watched the parade lap with the two Ferraris side by side then sauntered off. Our saunter turned into a run when we realised we may get to the podium and we did which made the weekend even more special. Monza is a very special GP to go to -- such a good atmosphere, probably the best I've been to.


#3 vanfriends

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Posted 20 January 2011 - 19:28

Hi Rajdeep,

Hopefully you're still around to read the answers. I went to Monza last year and had GA tickets as well, we were mostly watching the action at 2nd Lesmo and the Ascari. I think the entry to Ascari was a very good spot to watch and if you stay quite close to the actual stand the screen can be seen well from the GA area.

I don't know much about Parabolica, didn't have time to check it out that well, but the 2nd Lesmo was our spot for qualifying and the race. There definitely is a screen there and it is actually quite well seen even down the straight after Lesmo, from where we were you couldn't read any of the positions/texts etc. but you could easily watch the race ie. Alonso overtaking Button. For qualifying it is much much more important to see the texts because otherwise it was hard to follow, but for the race they weren't that essential. I recommend you to consider the Kangaroo Tv though, especially in GA-areas it gives you a lot more freedom to choose where to watch the action.

On Friday you can go to all the stands for free so try some of them. On Friday after F1 practices we walked around some of the circuit, it's fun and at the same time you can check out all the good spots for the rest of the weekend.

Then the most important thing, on Sunday remember to go there early. The earlier you get there the better spots you get. I think we were lucky last year, went there around 9-9.30 and in the end we got really good "seats", but there were plenty of people there already.

I actually found a video from the exact "stand" we were at the Second Lesmo from YouTube.

I'm glad to answer if you have any more questions. Have fun!

#4 Rajdeep

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Posted 24 January 2011 - 17:35

Hello JiimyDesperado and vanfriends,

Thanks a lot for your inputs. They're great help! I can't wait till September and hopefully, it'll be a cracking race once again.

We'll try for the Ascari if there's space, as there seems to be some overtaking there (Webber on Hulkenburg in 2010?) Otherwise, Lesmo 2 looks like a very good alternative too.

Thanks for video to vanfriends. The sound of the approaching cars were awesome!