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Bob Anderson

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Posted 19 October 2012 - 13:10

There's still a few left if you're feeling fit, Russell...

Re Bob Anderson, I have this nagging feeling that I read many years ago that Bob was something of an outsider...that he'd had either a university or public school background which didn't sit too well with some of the knockabout bike racers of the time, and then when he moved to car racing he wasn't universally accepted, because of his background in bike racing.... :rolleyes:

Can anyone confirm this, or am I gibbering again ?

I was racing at the same time as bob,different?yes not in a bad way,remember him at the nurbergring in 1960 after the TT,we were in the garages which are arranged in a square to keep the sound in?!,a german was taking his DKW engined formula junior car round and round noisy very,bob grabbed mrs perris who is austrian stop him or ill throw a bucket of water over him.why me says she ,cos u r one of them,!she got him to stop.meanwhile his wife was on the roof of their van washing it.bob used to warm his nortons up just left ticking over on the side stand,could teach these paraders who blip their 4 cyl hondas a thing or too.in the race south circuit as we came up the back of the pits bob was already going down the other side,needless to say he won both races,,later at a brands meeting i helped him unload his racing car from the back of his volkswagen with a flat bed on which he carried it,all alone was he,another time sitting at breakfast at the nort west he said what slide have u got in the norton,no no u need and told me to put in a different slide jet and needle position,it worked,no fool, talented, a loner, but well respected by most,


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Posted 14 November 2012 - 22:12

Does anyone know if Dudley Ward really was the sponsor of Bob racing car outfit : D.W.Racing ?