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7th San Luis Obispo road races, 1964

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#1 Andrew Fellowes

Andrew Fellowes
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Posted 02 December 2011 - 21:47

I have just acquired a car that has 4 Competitor Participant plaques attached to it, the first being the 7th San Luis Obispo Road Races 1964, where as it happens Jerry Entin won in Old Yeller II.

What I am after is a list of the drivers & cars at that meeting, it may well turn out that the car that I have, a Lotus 27 did not actually take part, the plaque merely a later owners souvenir.
The other three plaques are as follows,

Santa Barbara Road Races Aug 31 to Sept 1 1968
Riverside International Raceway May 29,30,31. 1970
The Times Grand Prix CanAm Challenge Cup, Riverside 1970

Obispo is the most important as it would answer some important questions in relation to when it left the UK.

Thanks, Andrew


#2 Jerry Entin

Jerry Entin
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 00:44

Posted Image
Frank Monise in his Lotus 23 leading Jerry Entin in Ol Yeller 2

Andrew: I won the C/M class. Frank Monise in a Lotus 23 really won the race overall at the 1964 San Luis Obispo Races. I was second overall.

Frank Monise came up to me before the race and said, did I want to put on a show for the crowd. I said, Sure. He let me pass him in the race. I then let him pass me. I would say he could have passed me anytime he wanted. Frank Monise was a mentor to me and a great guy.

I am posting this picture of Frank Monise in front of me in his Lotus 23. I am in Ol Yeller 2. This picture is from Santa Barbara also in 1964.

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#3 Mike Summers

Mike Summers
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 03:41


Really appreciated your comments about Frank. I have attached a picture of my car from the Sonoma Historics earlier this year. We run the car as it appeared in 64/65. I speak with Frank Jr. often.

One of the highlights of my short vintage racing career are the people who come up to Nancy and I with "let me tell you my Frank Monise story". Like him or not, he was a ferocious competitor. My understanding is that he truly was one of the fastest drivers to come out of Southern California during that time period. We are very proud to campaign the car with his name on the side.

Mike Summers

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By bluesbrother30 at 2011-12-02

#4 Andrew Fellowes

Andrew Fellowes
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 03:50

Thanks Jerry, I was going to email you with the question but guessed you'd see it here pretty quickly but perhaps not this quick, nor did I expect a photo, amazing. So you had a bit of fun then!!

I have found the first three places in the F Libre race and will post them shortly.

#5 Andrew Fellowes

Andrew Fellowes
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 06:41


1. B Blackmore, Lotus 20
2. Ron Herrera, Lotus 22
3. Ron Wheeler, Lotus 18

so no 27 in the top 3, begs another question, did any of the above own a Lotus 27 at any time?

#6 Rob Semmeling

Rob Semmeling
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Posted 03 December 2011 - 16:11

From Competition Press:

San Luis Obispo Road Races

Race 1 - F production

1. Joel Crain (MGA) 20 laps 55.2 mph
2. Al Strom (MGA)
3. Bill Horn (Fairthorpe)

Race 2 - E production

1. Terry Hall (Porsche) 20 laps 58.2 mph
2. Mike Dyott (Porsche)
3. Pete Zarcades (Alfa Romeo)

Race 3 - Formula cars

1. B. Blackmore (Lotus 20) 20 laps 58.9 mph
2. Ron herrera (Lotus 22)
3. Ron Wheeler (Lotus 18)

Race 4 - C-G modified

1. Frank Monise (Lotus-Ford) 20 laps 59.9 mph
2. Bob Challman (Lotus 23)
3. Dave Reilly (Lotus-Ford)

Class wins:

C. Jerry Entin (Ol' Yeller II)
D. Dave Dunbar (Dunbar Special)
E. Dave Reilly (Lotus-Ford)
F. Frank Monise (Lotus-Ford)
G. Jim Paul (Lotus 23)

Race 5 - A-D production

1. Milt Minter (Porsche 904) 20 laps 57.4 mph
2. Herb Caplan (Corvette)
3. Neben Love (Corvette)

Class wins:

A. Milt Minter (Porsche 904)
B. Fred Sutherland (Corvette)
C. Richard Smith (Porsche)
D. Jim Nieland (Lotus)

Race 6 - G production and H modified

1. Emmett Brown (MG) 20 laps 56.6 mph
2. Mario Rizzoli (Spitfire)
3. Len Schmitt (Sprite)

Class wins:

G. Emmett Brown (MG)
H. Fred Woodward (Miller Crosley)

Race 7 - H production and sedans

1. Pete Cordts (Ford Falcon) 20 laps 57.0 mph
2. Roger Subith (Sprite)
3. Michael Davis (Sprite)

Class wins:

H. Roger Subith (Sprite)
Sedans: Pete Cordts (Ford Falcon)

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