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TWPC 2012 GP2 Predictions - R01 Sepang RESULTS

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Posted 13 April 2012 - 13:36

The opening round at Sepang gave us Razia as the winner in the Feature race and Calado as triumphant in the Sprint race. With this, 2012 GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition opens a new season with these results:

Results of the Weekend - GP2 Series Round # 1 Sepang (24-25/03/2012)

Poleman = Davide Valsecchi

Race 1 (24/03/2012)
Winner = Luiz Razia
2nd place = Davide Valsecchi
3rd place = Max Chilton
4th place = Fabio Leimer
5th place = Stefano Coletti
6th place = Felipe Nasr
7th place = Esteban Gutiérrez
8th place = James Calado
9th place = Giedo Van der Garde
10thplace = Fabrizio Crestani
Fastest lap = Davide Valsecchi

Race 2 (25/03/2012)
Winner = James Calado
2nd place = Esteban Gutiérrez
3rd place = Felipe Nasr
4th place = Giedo Van der Garde
5th place = Luiz Razia
6th place = Fabio Leimer
7th place = Max Chilton
8th place = Nathanaël Berthon
Fastest lap = Ryo Haryanto

Results and Standings of the GP2 Two Worlds Prediction Competition after Round # 1 Sepang (25/03/2012)

1 - 16 points = chunterer (TT), Daisy (TT), mllevy (TT)
4 - 15 points = Alex K (TT), Greimito (NA)
6 - 14 points = DAV (TH), IVAN (LA), lotusien (NA), Makarias (AS), Melendi (TH)
11 - 13 points = Azur (NA), Bleu (AS), Josef1 (CB), Marcos_F1 (CB), Mekola (LT), p-matt (TT)
17 - 12 points = F1wingwins (TH), frederick (GC), Hectorg (RV), J-L (NA), joansm (FC), Robbe (TT), rvd2hbk (AS), scheivlak (AS), TITI (TH)
26 - 11 points = Bessone Motorsport (LT), Dispenser89 (AS), facha (LT), kerrmanningjarv (TT), lolo1977 (CB), masahiro (NA), Miki II (NA), nano de turdera (LT), SALEEN S7R (TT)
35 - 10 points = Iscurrega (AS)
36 - 9 points = sir jackie walker (AS), SUTIL80 (NA)
38 - 6 points = renaultargentina (TH)

Forum Standings after 1st round (Sepang - 25/03/2012)

1º - Ten-Tenths.com Forum - 63 points
2º - Nextgen-Auto.com Forum - 54 points
3º - CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum - 52 points
4º - Autosport.com Forum - 51 points
5º - Los-Tuercas.com.ar Forum - 46 points
6º - ClubF1.es Forum - 37 points
7º - F1Latam.com Forum - 14 points
8º - F1Revolution.com Forum - 12 points
8º - ForoCompetición.com Forum - 12 points
8º - Grand Prix Chile Forum - 12 points

Cheers to chunterer (TT), Daisy (TT) and mllevy (TT), our round winners! Mention to frederick (GC), who notched correctly Race 1 winner, and to Hectorg (RV) who did the same with Race 2 victor. Alas, congratulations to all 42 concursants for the interest they showed in this new season! :)
Ten-Tenths starts the Forums Championship at the top, followed by Nextgen-Auto and CarAndDriverTheF1.
R00 Championship:
- Bessone Motorsport (LT): Wrote 3rd of Teams Championship in a confused mode, but we assume he selected Addax for that position.
- renaultargentina (TH): Missed 9th and 10th of Drivers Championship.
- pelagra (TH): Put Nasr and Kral for 5th in Drivers Championship predictions, so that part of them weren't valid.
- Megaman X (TH), pelagra (TH), Sleiman F1 (TH) and WSR Fan (TT): Posted predictions for Championship Round only.
R01 Sepang:
- Iscurrega (AS): Put Ericsson twice (8th and 10th) in his R1 predictions, so these parts of it aren't valid.
- facha (LT) and nano de turdera (LT): Forgot 6th of R1.
- Azur (NA): Ommited 5th of R2.
- SUTIL80 (NA): Wrote Leimer twice (5th and 7th) in his R1 forecasts, so these parts of it weren't valid.
- renaultargentina (TH): Missed 9th and 10th or R1, and 7th and 8th of R2. Used old prediction format.
- Alex K (TT): Forgot poleman.
- SALEEN S7R (TT): Ommited 9th and 10th of R1.

Check your predictions at this Excel tablesheet:

Now we'll wait until the income of the next round to the sands of Bahrain, at Sakhir circuit next April 21 and 22. Hope the event will be done - in peace!

Note: For identify reasons, is used the following code, that denotes which forum is used by each concursant to participate here:
(AS) Autosport.com Forum
(CB) ClubF1.es Forum
(FC) ForoCompeticion.com Forum
(GC) Grand Prix Chile Forum
(LA) F1Latam.com Forum
(LT) Los-Tuercas.com.ar Forum
(NA) Nextgen-Auto.com Forum
(RV) F1Revolution.com Forum
(TH) CarAndDriverTheF1.com Forum
(TT) Ten-Tenths.com Forum