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N Piquet Jr criticises 'weak' and 'lucky' Lotus duo [split]

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Posted 25 November 2012 - 11:07


And somehow that gives that idiot the right to judge current drivers?? MAybe he would have beaten Kimi in that Lotus this year to lay 3rd in the driver's championship :rotfl: :rotfl:

Without Kimi, Lotus would be going bankrupt this year... about NOW!! And that ass has the cheek to call a driver who single-handedly saved a team from going under by showing them winning is a possibility again, and that the sponsors are making the right choice by partnering with Lotus.

Without Kimi in 2012, there would be no PR, no Hype, no Burn, no Win, no Nothing for Lotus... but just another team who hires pay drivers!

Well not really I believe. They wouldnt need to pay 12-20mln euro to other driver (i've no idea how much raikkonen cost but I believe around 15mln?) :p. + Deal with Burn could happen anyway with good result.

Still Kimi pushed team really high, they should end 2nd or 3rd in WCC if not miserable performance from Grosjean (and I as Lotus supporter, I'm really disappointed with his performance this year). Chapeau bas Kimi.

Still sponsorship is more related to Lopez good business-side (in the end he is businessman). Though he has easier now to get good sponsorships due to Kimi (that's a fact as well)