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"Hamilton not in it for the money"

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Posted 28 September 2012 - 14:34


Autosport Headline "Hamilton not in it for the money"...


These sorts of reports have always bothered me a bit - they're PR fluff that is supposed to make us feel more comfortable with what is a grotesquely large number, and to hopefully prevent us from beginning to feel jaded about what must, at least in part, seem a pretty venal decision. Finally they are meant to somehow separate LH" the person" from LH the XIX client, in an effort to suggest that he's just another likely bloke albeit a very well paid one.

I mean - if it's not really "About the money" than why doesn't Lewis take a 3 Million Euro stipend every year and give the rest back to the team to develop the car? ANYONE can live very well indeed on 3 million a year...

I'm not suggesting that there weren't other issues that influenced his decision, but to see his company negotiate a 100 million contract and then say that "it isn't about the money" is a little rich... :p