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Speaking as a Schumacher Fan

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 10:40

I am sorry I started a new topic, but the Michael Schumacher topic III was turning to be bore-some with rants about who had the better car in 1992-93-94 vis-a-vis Senna's car. I think the last 3 years have been great for us Motorsport fans, it gave us a better understanding of what was going on in the early 90s. I now know how Senna fans must have felt when Schumacher was having the better of him in he 1994 season. Truth is, you can't always be the bestest of best all your life -- If you have outshowned when you were at your peak then that is all that is needed. Just because someone is outperforming you, does not mean that he is better -- its just a natural evolution of life -- You've had your share and now someone else has peaked. Whether Senna is quicker or Prost brilliant or Schumacher the perfect mix of the two, is something we will never know. They all performed to their respective peaks when they had their time. I now will look at history in the years to come with a different view. Everyone did their best and won in their respective eras, no one was better or worse. Fangio was unbeatable at his peak, and so were Senna and Schumacher. No one knows for sure who was the fastest of them all, and really no one needs to know. They were all fantastic top of the line drivers, and I am sure whoever had the experience to see them dominating will know that nothing could surpass what they have witnessed. Lets just leave it at that. I don't care if Schumacher was the best of all time --- I know that he was the best of his time!!!!

About his second return with Mercedes, this is my version of what ensued. It may not be correct, but after reviewing all that was said I have come to the conclusion that Mercedes wanted Schumacher to continue for 2013. Michael wanted to wait to see whether Mercedes really had it in them to build a better car. That is the reason, he was so interested in the young drivers programme, he wanted to see if the upgrades really lifted the cars performance. I guess, by Singapore, it really dawned upon him that his team was going no where with regards to performance. Had the upgrades worked at Singapore, I have no doubt that Schumacher would have already signed the dotted papers for next year. Of course, Mercedes weren't going to be waiting to see if Michael wanted to continue with them the next year, and so tried the very best to get a reputed driver to replace Michael and what a coup it was! I don't think Schumacher ever thought that Hamilton was ever serious to drive for Mercedes, but well, Hamilton had other thoughts. It is actually a blessing in disguise for Michael. He can now leave the team without looking like a failure who ditched the team when things didn't work out. Sometimes, you just are not meant for a team. The past 3 years looked like Schumacher only came back to equalize all the fortune that he had had in his previous innings. Anything and everything worked against him. Not a single race, where you could say the luck of the dice favoured him. Its amazing how life works.

With regards to his future, I really hope Ferrari can somehow get him to partner Alonso for next year. At this age, I dont think he has got it anymore in him to go beyond what the car can offer. He is still good, but now he needs a good car to show his mettle. I don't know if Ferrari has contacted him or anything, but for sure they would love to see him back in their car. If Schumacher does join Ferrari, the biggest spotlight for 2013 will be Ferrari - Both the parties know how big a coup that would be. Its every fans dream to see them back together - Lets just hope in this day and age Miracles still happen.


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Posted 29 September 2012 - 10:47

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