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Incidents involving Grosjean, Maldonado and Perez in 2012

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 08:06

All three of these drivers proved themselves to be fast in 2012, and scored podiums for the first time. Grosjean is in Black, Maldonado is in Blue, and Perez is in Red. (Alonso is in green for comparison).


- Grosjean hits Maldonado on lap 2. Grosjean DNF. Maldonado continued.

- Maldonado and Grosjean collide. Racing incident. Grosjean DNF.
- Maldonado crashes on lap 57. Maldonado DNF (but still clasified).


- Grosjean hit Schumacher on lap 1. Schumacher spins.
- Slides off into gravel on lap 4. Grosjean DNF


- Maldonado impeded Kovalainen during Q1. Reprimand.



- Grosjean hits Perez on lap 1. Perez gets puncture. Perez DNF.

- Perez hit by Grosjean, gets puncture. Innocent party. Perez DNF.


- Grosjean hits Alonso and Schumacher on lap 1. Spins in front of the field. Kobayashi DNF, Grosjean DNF.

- Maldonado causes avoidable collision with Perez in FP3. 10 place grid penalty.
- Maldonado hits De La Rosa on lap 1. Loses front wing. De La Rosa DNF, Maldonado DNF.

- Perez impeded Raikkonen during the race. Drive through.
- Perez collides with Kovalainen. Racing incident.



- Maldonado collides with Hamilton on lap 55. 20 seconds added to Maldonado's race time. Hamilton DNF.


- Grosjean spun off in Q2. Grosjean No Time Q3.
- Grosjean hits Di Resta on lap 2. Di Resta gets puncture. Grosjean loses front wing. Di Resta DNF.

- Maldonado ollides with Perez on lap 12. Maldonado given reprimand. Perez DNF.

- Perez spun by Maldonado. Innocent party. Perez DNF.


- Grosjean runs into the already slowing Massa on lap 1. Grosjean damages front wing, pits. Also runs into Senna causing ?.

- Perez impeded Alonso and Raikkonen during qualifying. Dropped of 5 grid places in Germany.


- Maldonado causes collision with Di Resta. Drive through.


- Grosjean squeezes Hamilton, causes 6 car accident. Maldonado spun, Kobayashi pits for damage. Grosjean banned from Italian GP. Hamilton DNF, Alonso DNF, Perez DNF, Grosjean DNF.

- Maldonado impedes Hulkenberg in Q2. 3 place grid drop in Belgium.
- Maldonado innocent party in 6 car accident. Spun around.
- Maldonado hits Glock on lap 2, Glock pits for damage. Given 5 place grid drop at next race. Maldonado DNF.

- Perez innocent party in 6 car accident. Perez DNF.

- Alonso innocent party in 6 car accident. Alonso DNF.


- Grosjean Banned.



- Spins Webber, causes traffic jam which contributes to Rosberg retiring. Webber and Grosjean pit for damage. Rosberg DNF.

- Perez spins off trying to avoid hitting Hamilton on lap 19. Perez DNF.

- Alonso squeezes Raiikonen, gets puncture. Alonso DNF.



- Maldonado squeezes Kobayashi on lap 31. Maldonado gets puncture, pits with damage.

- Perez hits Ricciardo's wing with rear tyre on lap 19, Perez puncture. Perez DNF.

Abu Dhabi

- Moves over on Rosberg on lap 1. Grosjean tyre puncture.
- Involved in 3 car accident on lap 37. Innocent party. Webber DNF, Grosjean DNF.

- Maldonado hits Webber on lap 23, Webber spins. Racing incident.

- Perez impeded Senna in Q1. Reprimand.
- Perez rejoins track carelessly on lap 37, causing accident with Webber and Grosjean. Perez penalized. Webber DNF, Grosjean DNF.


- Grosjean spins self on lap 9. Grosjean continues.

- Perez "hinders" Glock during FP1. Reprimand.


- Grosjean hits De La Rosa in Q1, loses front wing. Eliminated from Q1.
- Spins off into wall on lap 5. Grosjean DNF.

- Maldonado spins off into wall on lap 2. Maldonado DNF.

- Perez hit by Senna during accident with Vettel. Innocent party. Perez DNF.

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#2 selespeed

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Posted 28 November 2012 - 08:19

Perez rejoins track carelessly on lap 37

no he didn't

causing accident with Webber and Grosjean

no. grosjean casued the incident by hiting perez in the back wheel.

Perez penalized

for "forcing" di resta off the road....which was bs