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Most impressive F1 race wins

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#101 Lazy

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 06:47

Hello everyone :wave:

Interesting topic. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Mansell's win at Silverstone in 1987, where he had a puncture, pitted, came out 28s behind Nelson Piquet, in the sister Williams, with 29 laps remaining and passed him on the final lap. I believe this was Murray Walker's favourite F1 race. Another one I particularly liked was Mika Hakkinen's win at Indianapolis in 2001. Not a great season for the Finn, but this race was one of his best performances. After qualifying, he was demoted a few places on the grid for some infringement which he regarded as unfair, and no-one was giving him much of a chance. Mika approached the race in a state of controlled rage. During the first stint he ran quietly fourth, stayed out for longer than most, then unleashed a series of brilliant fastest laps which allowed him to take the win. Nice work - what a champion!

I was there for that one, great race :)


#102 Rinehart

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Posted 12 December 2012 - 09:55

Button in Canada 2011 is bullshit, he took out Hamilton and Alonso, caused safety car he profited from, got another lucky SC after that, all that in fastest car for the conditions.


Lewis has admitted fault for the crash.
How is being LAST after then SC you DIDN'T cause (it was RAIN that caused it) profiting?
Being the fastest in wet and dry conditions is nothing to do with the driver. Ok. Cancel the WDC.

Seriously, its delightful that you have such a problem with an obviously impressive performance.

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 14:38

Schumi's second win of 1993 under tremendous pressure from Prost

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Posted 17 December 2012 - 17:29

The answer is Monaco 1970. Jochen Rindt comes from nowhere to win in a nearly 3 year old car, setting fastest lap on the final lap of the race, almost 3 seconds faster than his qualifying speed.

Trouble with that one is I always wonder what the heck he was doing for the first part of the race. He only woke up when Amon (as ever) retired from 2nd.

Monaco 1972 beats that though. Beltoise, with a semi-paralysed arm, for three hours, in the wet, with the dog of a BRM, laps all bar Ickx. An astonishing drive. Gilles in 1981 is also one of those wtf? drives.

Wattie coming from 23rd on a street circuit. Helped by a bunch of drivers throwing it away - Jarier of all people should have won that, but punted himself into a terminally-wounded Williams when going for the lead - but even so when he was in the groove there were few smoother than Watson. Lauda couldn't live with him that day.

Mansell at the Hungaro in 1989. No way should he have won that; from mid-grid on an impossible-to-pass circuit, and nipped by Senna - Senna! - with a remarkable and instinctive move.

Rosberg in the International Trophy in 1978. Run in a monsoon. A Theodore wins a Formula 1 race. Those words just do not go together logically.

And Hawthorn at Reims in 1953. Nobody had beaten Ascari for a year and a half, and he did so, in identical equipment, out-fumbling Fangio - Fangio! - at the last corner. So surprised was JMF that Gonzalez nearly nicked second off him, and had the race run a couple more laps Froilan may have taken an even more remarkable win. OK, an F2 race, but what the hey.