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#101 BRG

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Posted 25 July 2015 - 15:38

Tracks all around the world is pretty much getting shut down by noise restrictions. It is really silly.


What a deeply stupid and ill-informed article that is, written by a typical know-nothing pillock. The sort of pillock who will contribute a great deal to the demise of racing and any track based activity by his ignorant and selfish attitude.  If Koenigsegg couldn't get a 'production' car under a 103db limit, then they are incompetent. Or more likely, not bothering to try.  I would rather than Spa survived as a race track and Koenigsegg stayed at home in Sweden where they can't do any more damage to relationships with local people.


#102 Canuck

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Posted 25 July 2015 - 16:08

Having not read the article you linked, but Koenigsegg's own, you'll find there's no argument from the Swedish crew with the noise limits.  They simply noted that most road-legal production high-power sports cars will all easily pass the noise tests required, because the noise tests don't require you to pass while driving the car in full anger mode (or full joy mode as the case may be) and oft employ various switchable baffles and restrictors to meet the requirements of low noise within the testing parameters, but full power when required.  They felt they could have addressed the volume issue with more time, but that they were unprepared - entirely their own doing and nothing negative about the track's use of the limit. No need to pit Koenigsegg against the citizens around Spa - that was never an issue.