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#1 kismet

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 21:26

H e l l o !

Welcome to F1 Pools 2013! Posted Image

If you've been here before, you know how this works. If you haven't, you can find out by FOLLOWING THIS VERY HELPFUL LINK RIGHT HERE. CLICKETY CLICK!!! Yes, it directs you to an ancient season opener post from 2009 but the game rules haven't changed since, so...

I know I promised to try and find some time for the missing game results but guess what? I haven't found any so we're out of luck for now. Sorry! I'll get around to it eventually but it'll probably have to wait until I've done with this pesky home improvement shit I've gotten myself into. In the meanwhile, let's amuse ourselves with some juicy new duels for round 8 :

F1 Pools 2013: Formula 1 British Grand Prix - Round 8

Qualifying: Race:
1. Lotus - Mercedes 7. Lotus - Mercedes
2. McLaren - Force India 8. McLaren - Force India
3. Force India - Ferrari 9. Force India - Ferrari

4. Williams - Sauber 10. Williams - Sauber
5. Red Bull - McLaren 11. Red Bull - McLaren
6. Caterham - Marussia 12. Caterham - Marussia

EDIT: Turns out I forgot all about Toro Rosso. Oopsie! Oh well, we'll soldier on without them this week and I'll add an extra dose for round 9.

Post your guesses before the start of qualifying.

I'm not really picky about the format you choose to use but something along the lines of 'XXX 12X 22X 12X' would be great. But as long as it's clear what you mean, it's OK.

So, guess away! Good luck! Posted Image


#2 wattoroos

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Posted 03 July 2013 - 08:52

22X X1X 2XX X1X