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Can someone explain the 'warning points' system?

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#101 GhostR

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Posted 21 January 2014 - 11:32

I certainly see why people would think that, and perhaps there will be unintended consequences as a result of the change, but it's visible because of a boring technical issue with the new software rather than a policy change.


That's an easy fix via CSS, assuming you have someone who knows what they're doing.


#102 Hanzo

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Posted 31 January 2014 - 02:34

After re-reading the forum rules and checking the notification and setting options, I am glad I found this thread instead to bothering a mod asking him/her about this warning points thing.

I really like the changes in the forum but this is the one thing that really annoys me, since this could be shown in the profile or as a pm instead of next to the avatar. 

The fact that only  I can see my warning point but not everybody else's, makes me feel like I am the most wanted criminal or something like that.  I suppose it is a matter of time to get use to that...

Also,as personal opinion and a little bit offtopic, it is a shame to see so many members without avatar...