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Working class heroes in F1

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Posted 18 September 2013 - 09:58

I still don't see what makes Schumacher unique tho, particulary if both his parents had an income... that makes a huge difference... other drivers (some of them I mentioned) have a similar background.... can you explain, what makes him unique?


I think when you compare Schumacher's situation to Vettel's (and that's what you usually go on about) you also have to consider the fact that by the time Vettel came along, exactly Schumacher's success and example made sponsors more interested in supporting kids and karting. Schumacher's success did have a big effect on motor racing in Germany in general. Before Schumacher Germany never had a F1 WDC and the last race winner they had was Jochen Mass and before him Wolfgang von Trips back in the 50s. So even if Schumacher and Vettel came from similar backgrounds I still consider Schumacher's story more unique because he was the one who set the example. At least in Germany.


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Posted 18 September 2013 - 13:11

Tom Pryce was a Welsh working-class hero. His father was a farm-hand and his mother a nurse. Pryce's career was tragically cut short when he was killed in a horrific accident in the 1977 South African Grand Prix. 



I had the fortune to meet Tom Pryce on several occasions in the early seventies. His team or sponsor (Rumsey Investments) sometimes sent him to Germany to pick up engines for his Royale Formula Super-Vee at the company I then worked for. This was of course before his F1 career started.  If we hadn't made other arrangements, he and his future wife Nella would have slept in their VW Camper. Great guy.