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Porsche 904GTS

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Posted 11 October 2013 - 16:22

In the Marina Del Rey part of Los Angeles there used to be a Porsche shop run by Vernon Covert who told me he bought a 904GTS right off the racetrack at sebring around 1967  for $7000 just when they were becoming obsolete for regualr racing.I rmemberr he customized it by cutitng T-tops into it and redoing the interior for comfort. He drove it across the US right after he bought it, having had mufflers welded on near the racetrack. (a fatasy of mine, buyign a race car and then setting sail across the US, still with the race numbers on the side).

 I since found a note on a site  called http://vactek.tripod...sisnumbers.html

with this description:


906 012 Porsche 904 GTS


1965 : 1000 Km Nürburgring - Peter Nöcker/Günther Klass 6 OA. 1965 : 24 Hours Le Mans - Günther Klass/Dieter Glemser DNF. 1966 : sold to Drolsom for 4000 $ without engine (see 904 013). 1967 : Sold to Covert USA. Destroyed in racing (Elkhart Lake) was send back to factory who replace the chassis. but now with 4 cams engine to Vern Covert. Driven back to California by road. Modified to T Top car with two removable panels and fitted with 906 engine turbo charged. 2001 : sold to Asia. Accident in Tour Auto 2002, repaired by S.H.K in Germany. Sold to England




So I didn't think bought it to race, so my question is who smashed it up? A subsequent owner? Was it assigned the same chassis number 906 012 when the chassis was replaced? What race team is runnng it in the UK? Thanks for any clues to what happened to it after Vern's ownership



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Posted 31 October 2013 - 04:13



no turbo but a real factory racer

long history at sale link

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Posted 31 October 2013 - 16:39



no turbo but a real factory racer

long history at sale link

At Pau a few years back I was subjected to a barrage of unwanted misinformation by a Brit who insisted on giving me the benefit of his expertise on historic racing cars. Eventually he turned to me and said "That Dino is going well" and I was able to say "That's because it's a Porsche". Very gratifying. :rotfl: