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Quantum, The Cheque Is In The Post

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#851 Option1

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 02:38

Geez, youse guyz.  Give the man a break!!


Donchya know this is the busiest time of the year for pizzerias!




#852 l8apex

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 04:06

Is this crap really still happening?


How long can this guy keep lying ... mind boggling. 

#853 Murl

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 10:11

I don't accept Saward's response. It seems too much of a 'corporate cowardness' or perhaps even outright laziness. Sure, I understand you can't say X is a conman without some evidence to back up your words but journalists are not supposed to be just mouthpieces who just pass on quotes for fear of being sued. If X says he is fronting a sponsor who is willing to put money in a team, its simple basics to check this guy's background. Same as you'd do with any other story. And in this particular case its a FACT that this Mr. X is a convicted fraud/embezzler (see Italian bank case) and that X HAS done the entire 'grandiose plans with money coming soon' trick before. X even recycles the same statements. So it is simply the truth to state that X has a shady past. Add to that that his alleged business address is a pizza parlour and it all seems a scam. Why didn't journalists ask about this. Then X could have explained it or not.


IMO, this whole mess is not because Iljaz claims to want to sponsor Lotus or because Lotus went along but because F1 journalists were unable/unwilling to do their job. Instead, they seem to prefer to travel the world passing on communique's from teams and not rocking the gravy train. And that is the issue that needs to be adressed. I pay for my subscription because I value the journalistic lense through which team statements are filtered. I expect F1 journo's to give me the scoops and the background to the public staments teams hand out. If journo's are not doing their job (and yes, I am also looking at Autosport here) because they are too afraid of legal entanglements when there is no legal reason to be or just plain lazy, how can they be held accountable, short of ending the subscription?


The journalistic laziness is astounding in this case.


I totally agree with you.

Who cares what Ijaz was up to. What was the F1 press doing. Playing along.


Some of these "journalists" have the audacity to think their writing is worth money from the gullible public.

Obviously they need to up their standards if they expect to be paid from that quarter.


This is the message from the blogosphere.


#854 Risil

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 20:48

Quantum should pull out now and blame Renault.

#855 swerved

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Posted 23 February 2014 - 21:47

I wonder if they have a track III, IIII V VI and VII option ? Track I and track II seem to have both fallen by the wayside according to the timescale Mr Ijaz gave, I think Mansoor also needs better attorneys, the website he complained about quite a while ago is still available.

#856 Rinehart

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Posted 27 February 2014 - 08:55

I don't particularly want to close this thread buecause it is a current and relevant issue, but if posters insist on displaying their bravado in the face of Mr Ijaz and his threats of legal action, be aware that Autosport will not share that risk with you.


I'll stick my neck out and say we're probably all safe now! 

#857 Jvr

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 10:57

I'll stick my neck out and say we're probably all safe now!

Let us see if Mansoor Ijaz is spotted in the paddock and Lotus hospitality suite...

#858 Shambolic

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 15:02

Let us see if Mansoor Ijaz is spotted in the paddock and Lotus hospitality suite...


Are they cutting back on expenses, and ordering pizza instead of bringing their own catering trucks this year?

#859 dau

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 15:35

Let us see if Mansoor Ijaz is spotted in the paddock and Lotus hospitality suite...

Sure, on the dartboard.


#860 ATM

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Posted 12 March 2014 - 17:19

Well, the car and team has made it to Melbourne, even without half of its key personnel and even if the testing performance was, shall we say, less than stellar... so good luck to the team this season. 

#861 BoozeBaron

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Posted 18 March 2014 - 21:45

Still waiting Mansoor Ijaz :rolleyes:






Souvenez-vous il y a quelques mois : aux abois financièrement, l'écurie Lotus F1 Team cherchait désespéramment un bailleur de fonds afin de conserver son statut d'outsider de luxe ou au mieux, d'être un candidat régulier à la victoire. Pendant un temps, un accord avec Quantum Motorsport semblait sur le point de se conclure, avec en prime l'engagement du prometteur Nico Hülkenberg aux côtés de Romain Grosjean, l'un comme l'autre étant sur une belle série.

Or, malgré les promesses de son représentant Mansoor Ijaz, aucun accord, que ce soit en tant qu'actionnaire ou simple partenaire commercial, n'a été trouvé. Une situation poussant Lotus à se tourner vers les millions (réels, ceux-là) de PVDSA et de Pastor Maldonado. Dans l'histoire, Lotus a accumulé un retard qui sera bien difficile à rattraper, comme l'ont démontré les essais hivernaux et la première course.

Si aujourd'hui, toute la lumière n'a pas été faite sur Quantum, il était déjà de notoriété publique que l'investisseur trainait des casseroles derrière lui, notamment une affaire d'État au Pakistan, pays d'où le groupe est originaire. A ce titre, il n'est pas le premier et hélas sans doute pas le dernier de la longue liste des simili-investisseurs de la Formule 1.

Depuis que le sport automobile a entamé sa marche en avant, les mécènes de tout bord se sont penchés sur la poule aux œufs d'or. Certains, dont la richesse était réelle ont même connu leur heure de gloire, comme le fameux Lord Alexander Hesketh, dans les années 70. Cet aristocrate rock'n roll anglais un peu enrobé permit au regretté James Hunt de démontrer à tous qu'il pouvait gagner tout en menant son train de vie qui lui était caractéristique. D'autres millionnaires lancèrent leurs équipes comme Teddy Yip avec Théodore, un personnage (d)étonnant qui participa également au succès du célèbre Grand Prix de Macao, course qui consacra bon nombre d'espoirs de la F1.

D'autres personnages haut en couleurs s'invitèrent à la fête dans la décennie suivante, tel que David Thieme chez Lotus, avant que le fisc ne le rappelle à ses devoirs. Sa défection, couplée à l'interdiction de la controversée Lotus 88 à double châssis força Lotus à déclarer forfait lors du Grand Prix de Saint Marin 1981. Plus bas dans la hiérarchie, le belge Jean-Pierre Van Rossem reprit Onyx, qui avait accompli des débuts prometteurs en 89 (un podium à Estoril avec Stefan Johansson) en se faisant passer pour l'inventeur d'un système boursier révolutionnaire. Inutile de préciser que ce n'était que du vent.



(Google translate, so don't blame me lol :stoned: )


Remember there are a few months at bay financially stable Lotus F1 Team desperately seeking a donor to maintain its outsider status or luxury at best, be a regular candidate to victory. For a time, an agreement with Quantum Motorsport seemed on the verge of closing, with the added bonus of the promising Nico Hulkenberg commitment alongside Romain Grosjean, the one as the other is a beautiful series.

However, despite promises Mansoor Ijaz's representative, no agreement, either as a shareholder or single trading partner, has been found. Lotus pushing a situation to turn to the millions (real , those) of PDVSA and Pastor Maldonado. In history, Lotus has a backlog that will be very difficult to catch, as demonstrated winter testing and the first race.

If today , all the light has not been made ​​on Quantum , it was already common knowledge that the investor was hanging pots behind him , including a state case in Pakistan, where the group originated. As such, it is not the first and unfortunately probably not the last of the long list of investors imitation of Formula 1 .

Since motorsport began its advance , patrons of all stripes have looked at the goose that lays golden eggs. Some , whose wealth was real even had their moment of glory , like the famous Lord Alexander Hesketh , in the 70s . This aristocrat rock'n roll a little English mix allowed the late James Hunt to demonstrate to all that he could win while leading his lifestyle was her characteristic . Other millionaires launched their teams as Teddy Yip Theodore , a character ( s ) who also participated in the amazing success of the famous Macau Grand Prix race who devoted many hopes F1.

Other colorful characters are invited to the party in the next decade , as David Thieme in Lotus before the IRS does reminds her homework. His defection , coupled with the prohibition of Lotus controversial 88 double chassis Lotus forced to forfeit the Grand Prix of San Marino 1981. Further down the hierarchy , the Belgian Jean -Pierre Van Rossem took Onyx , which had made a promising start in 89 ( a podium at Estoril with Stefan Johansson ) by posing as the inventor of a revolutionary system stock . Needless to say it was only the wind.






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#862 Felix

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 07:25

If you spelt it correctly you'd see that the website is still operating:






Ego kids don't take down their own publicity material.

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#863 andrewf1

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 08:58



Mansoor Ijaz (born August 1961) is an American financier of Pakistani ancestry and an owner of the Lotus F1 Formula One team.






:lol:  :lol:  I'm disappointed, I was expecting him to say THE owner of Lotus F1 Formula One team. 

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#864 BoozeBaron

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Posted 19 March 2014 - 21:54

If you spelt it correctly you'd see that the website is still operating:






Ego kids don't take down their own publicity material.


Blame Firefox Browser history then - not the messenger ... as that's the URL I got when I typed in "mansoor..." blah blah blah - Tech error aside, I've been following this moron (er, 'story') closely since NOV/DEC and am glad to see his lies are still up for the world to see - and that he's still misrepresenting his 'ownership' role .. Not that anyone would want anything to do with Lotus now -



#865 pUs

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Posted 31 October 2014 - 19:33

Since the cheque obviously never reached Lotus (I assume it never did, since they had to resort to taking Maldonado on board) why not send it to Caterham? Come on, Mansoor!