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Posted 18 December 2013 - 15:50

As some of you will already have seen, we have replaced the previous content recommendation panel which appeared at the bottom of our news stories with links generated by a company named Outbrain.


The biggest difference is that the new recommendation panel includes external links as well as the links to other Autosport content. All of these are clearly labelled with the name of the site that they are from (if no site is named, that means that it's Autosport content). The way that these links are chosen is based on a number of competing algorithms which look at factors such as the sort of links that are most popular with AUTOSPORT.com readers and also the sort of links that you have clicked on before.


That said, we have the ability to block any particularly unsuitable content, so if you see anything which shouldn't be appearing on the site (such as semi-pornographic links, something that looks like a scam, etc) then I'd appreciate it if you could send a screenshot to simon.grayson@haymarket.com


I'd be interested to hear any other sort of feedback as well, including whether you feel that the right sort of internal and external links are being shown. I know that these links won't be to everyone's liking, which is why most of them are tucked away underneath the story - if you don't scroll down to them then they shouldn't have any sort of effect on your viewing of the page!


Finally, much like the old story links, these ones are currently only appearing for non-subscribers. AUTOSPORT+ subscribers can log out to see what I'm talking about. Depending on how popular the links are and the sort of feedback we receive, we will consider implementing them (minus the external links) for subscribers as well.