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Sbarro Repco

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#1 bschenker

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Posted 20 December 2013 - 20:04

Search Images and information on Sbarro Repco.


The 1969 Jean Clément belonging ex Voegele, Foitek Porsche 910 with Repco 620 engine, 1970 again, among other modifications at Sbarro provided with a Porsche engine.


The Repco engine in turn incorporated into a F3 or F2 chassis. Jean-Claude Fontès drove this car in 1970 in a France race (Cyreste); he then changed this vehicle at Sbarro against a GT40.



This Sbarro Repco, which is based on a supposedly Alpine chassis, was exhibited in Montreal in 1972 (see photo) before it was brought back to Europe.



The image from Montreal shows that it may be impossible to an Alpine chassis; Alpine had never used this design for the front suspension.


The engine is highly likely that the spare engine from the Brabham Repco BT20-02.



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#2 The Mountaineer

The Mountaineer
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Posted 02 January 2014 - 14:01

It seems important to me that Fontès had entered the car as Alpine Formule Libre at Ceyreste 1970, so there must be some connection. And that leads to two questions:

Do the two pictures really show the same car?

How much Alpine remained in the chassis after it went through the hands of Sbarro?

#3 bschenker

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Posted 02 January 2014 - 16:20

The Articles described this car that it is the basis of an Alpine F3.


That this is unlikely based on the knowledge that it makes no sense a frame structure which is designed for a suspension tip to use for the other tip or modify for this. Other Sbarro cars especially the single-seaters prove it, the changes relating to the installation of the engine and attachments (body and wings).


Clearly is the first Alpine is a Brabham BT09 which subsequently was reproduced and then all further Alpine are a development of this concept.


Interestingly, this is contrary to the former newspaper descriptions; the daughter of Fontès speaks always from fathers Brabham.




I think the Alpine came into play because of existing French documents.


Or do you know a Lotus 27 with tubular frame, Fiat 600 drive group and wheels that I have seen in the backyard of a garage in Lugano?



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#4 Allen Brown

Allen Brown
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Posted 23 January 2014 - 10:56

Echappement mentioned this car in their report on La Roquette, the week after Ceyreste:


"J-C Fontes qui, malheureusement, se retrouva sans voiture, le moteur de sa formule ayant gelé pendant le transport, un grossiere faute de son mécano qui avait oublié de vidanger a son depart de Ceyreste."


I cannot see any mention of Fontès again after this.

#5 bschenker

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Posted 24 January 2014 - 10:30

I have also the hill climb Pessac/F., 4. Mai 1970 but retaired.


After this he give back the car to Sbarro.


I found also an Article in the Automobile Revue from 1970 No. 8 thats says

Für den Franzosen Fontes macht Sbarro eine ausgefallene <<Kreuzung>>; in ein ehemaliges Alpine – Formel – 3 – Chassis (Kopie Brabham), das hinten abgeändert wurde, baut er einen Repco – Dreiliter – Formel – 1- Motor (Version 1966) ein (ex – Motor von Clement). Mit diesem Monopost will Fontes in Frankreich Bergrennen bestreiten.
In my english
For the Frenchman Fontes Sbarro makes an unusual << intersection >>; in a former Alpine – Formula – 3 - chassis (Brabham Copy), that back was modified, to fit a Repco - Three liters – Formula – 1 – Engine (Version 1966) (ex – Engine from Clement). Whit this Monopost Fontès wants to contest in France hill climbs.