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2014 F1 sounds AWFUL on TV!

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#1 DFV

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 11:37

I know there is a thread on the sound of the 2014 F1 engines allready. This thread is just to vent my frustration with how bad the 2014 F1 cars sound on TV!!!!


Watched FP 1 and 2 today and I am soooo disapointed by how they sound on TV!!!! I actually found myself hushing the commentators in order to be able to hear the engine sound properly...


Last year you could immediately tell when a driver slowed down or wasn't accelerating hard out of a corner. Today you couldn't tell whether the driver was on a slow lap or was accelerating hard out of a corner at all! With the cars approaching you could see the car, but there was no sound announcing it's rate of acceleration. You sort of had to guess whether it was approaching at a set speed or if it was accelerating.


By what I saw today, the cars could just as well have been diesel powered or purely electric! They might sound OK trackside, but on TV they definitely have wersork to do!!!!


To me, and many others, sound is a big part of motor racing. Take that dimension away and we could just as well start watching Tour de France or something similar. Sound is such a vital part of the perception of speed and acceleration. What I saw today was just a parade of cars driving around without any audio reference on what speed and acceleration they where doing. It was a one dimensional experience.


As it is now, I will watch the race this weekend and if it's as boring as what we saw today because of lack of sound, I'm not sure I will follow F1 anymore (and I have watched EVERY race since 1993)


BTW, the Williams looked awesome in it's Martini livery!


#2 Gilles4Ever

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Posted 14 March 2014 - 11:38

Your venting doesn't need it's own thread.