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DTM Experience (Raceroom DLC)

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#1 Red17

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Posted 28 March 2014 - 17:07

Just noticed that there is an official DTM game this year while browsing the DTM website. But it looks like it's actually a DLC for Raceroom and I read some ver harsh reviews for Raceroom which includes lack of multiplayer. The DLC is also available on the steam store.

This is when it becomes odd, the DTM website also offers a "season pass" (for more money of course) that promisses 2014 content (the "game" covers the 2013 season only) that includes "multiplayer". The steam store page makes no mention of 2014 content.

Anyone has tried raceroom? And yes, im still due to dip my money into Assetto Corsa, but im still on the fence on that one as well.


#2 DarthWillie

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Posted 06 April 2014 - 10:25

no pit stops, no multiplayer yet, raceroom and DTM are not ready at all. Race room also doesn't have the option to insert your own skins, instead you have to buy them  :drunk: 


From the guys who made raco07 this is a poor effort. But there are signs they will start to improve so keep you hopes up. Multiplayer for DTM will be in the 2014 version, not this one.


(and don't get me started on the menu structure, designed by Satan himself  :p  )

#3 mahelgel

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 15:42

Reviving this topic....


This christmas holiday i bought the RaceRoom Experience DTM 1992 pack (and the BMW M1 car). Now, i did not have any previous experience with "Raceroom",  but the allure of early 90s DTM made me take the jump. I also got the european track pack they offered at a discount, to get some tracks to race the DTM cars around. d


First impressions where pretty good. The gfx is ok (i prefer the simple style of gfx that Iracing has, but it works pretty good). It was pretty easy to set up and get going with my g27 wheel and it also supported my TrackIR so i could look around inside the car while driving. 


The sound is pretty good, better than many other racing games/sims out there, although i have never heard the '92 DTM cars live, it does sound good when driving.


The important bit is the physics and handling characteristics of the cars, and i do like what i experience. The cars are a bit loose, but controllable if you do not get too enthusiastic with the inputs :) One thing i really like is that if you drive a track with crests and hills, you can really feel the car go light over the crests and top of hills (very easy to spin up the rear wheels). It might not be the final word in physics, but i do like the feel it gives when you drive the cars (not sure how the modern DTM packs are though). Also, there seem to be some damage simulation, as you could end up with a gearbox full of neutral if you are not carefull when downshifting (using h-pattern and clutch on my g27, trying to do some heel'n'toe on the downshifts might be doing more damage then good :p ).  The AI seems a bit prone to rubbing fenders, but i imagine that is realistic... ;)


The only thing it lacks is the nordschleife :/ 


Oh, and i tried it with a mates Oculus Rift dk2, and the support is still in "beta" as far as i could find, and it did crash/freeze regular, but the feeling of looking out the left side window after a slow exit seeing a merc 190 going past was pretty cool. Also, the feel of the cockpit with the steering wheel, mirrors, dials and roll cage in 3d is very nice indeed compared to the "2d" picture you get on you're monitor :)


Official DTM 1992 teaser


The reason i bought it :) :

#4 BlinkyMcSquinty

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Posted 17 April 2015 - 13:13

#5 TimRTC

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Posted 18 May 2015 - 20:40

Would you want to experience the DTM from 2014 - where tyre picks decided an entire race? Does the game also correctly model the in-marque politics?


2012 or 2013 were rather more exciting from the contemporary years.

#6 mahelgel

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Posted 20 June 2015 - 23:56

Macau has been released, and with the DTM 1992 cars, it is a hoot to drive... narrow and unforgiving, but it gives a good impression of speed.


I've only done a few laps, and i tried to do a capture for the first time, so never mind the untidy driving, or the bad quality video (down sized and compressed the video to get a small upload, as i am on a very slow ads line) :

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#7 mahelgel

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Posted 09 July 2015 - 23:12

Race Room Racing Experience might av great sounds, but i think there is a bug with the in-car replay and the interior/suspension squeaks and rattles... It does not sound as loud when i drive, only happens in replays...



...or perhaps the Opel just rattles that much :p

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#8 mahelgel

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Posted 16 January 2016 - 19:57

Still driving RaceRoom Racing Experience (although not much, as spare time for simracing is hard to find) and enjoy the DTM92 cars still. Also, since i started with Raceroom there has been quite a few upgrades and updates to the game, only making it better along the way.

Did a few laps around Spa today, with the Mercedes 190Evo (1992 dtm mod), and even though its not a clean lap by any means it was a blast to drive :)