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Lapped cars/Safety Car

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#51 Jon83

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 09:41

F1 tracks are mostly Tilkedromes with wide front straights. How about double file restarts? Lead lap cars on the racing line, lapped cars on the other side?


Just throwing it out there. Not really what I'd prefer.


Please no.


#52 Retrofly

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 11:55

They need to bunch up all the cars so they can have a period where there are no cars on a section of track. Without the gap marshals cannot easily clear debris, seep the track, check for damage to the surface etc.


I do agree that back markers should just fall back, you could probably sort the running order in about the third of the time. This also keeps all the cars in the same place on track which helps with the above :up:

#53 wrighty

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 17:06

Firstly Vepe, no my post wasn't directed at you, no offence meant so apologies if it was taken.


Simple, they don't unlap themselves when moving back, they simply get out of the way so the cars are lined up from first to last. Since the sole idea behind this rule is to allow a fight after the restart, this would be the best way to achieve that without needless laps under the safety car.


Erm all that says then is 'ok if you're on the lead lap then the gaps are reduced and you have a false chance to take places......but if you were a lap down on the leader but only 10 secs behind the car in front then you'll be a full lap behind that same car'? That's kinda unfair to 'the smaller teams', especially when their livelihood is based more on a single position here and there, rather than points for the bigger teams (as a reminder, Marussia have only had a pair of 13ths this season,which is nothing points-wise but is crucial to their efforts against Caterham when it comes to payouts at the end of the season).


I was trying to think of scenarios where this comes into play last night (unsuccessfully, but it was late lol), but consider an SC during the pitstop phase.....lets say Alonso or Ricciardo or magnussen have been involved in an early shmozzle and drop back to 10th-ish,  20 laps later they pit, the leader passes and then a lap later there's an SC - if they're a lap down should they then be pushed back in the queue and told they have no chance of recovering the lap? Can you see Luca or Horner or Ron wearing that? If there's gonna be a rule, it HAS to be consistent for all teams and tbh i'd rather have a couple of minutes behind the SC than weeks of crying on here because 'Alonso got fvcked by the SC rule AGAIN' lol

#54 Vepe1995

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Posted 09 April 2014 - 18:45

Firstly Vepe, no my post wasn't directed at you, no offence meant so apologies if it was taken.


No offence taken, I was merely confused of to whom your post was directed...

#55 FerrariV12

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Posted 10 April 2014 - 01:45

It seems that many F1 fans have the memory of a goldfish. The issue with just leaving the lapped cars where they were is that we got robbed of any excitement from the restart. Fans complained very loudly about the lapped cars. In terms of the extra laps under caution, they may have to look at just scoring them accurately and doing away with the loop around. There could be a potential issue in terms ensuring they run the right mileage, but they can find a workaround. 


It's almost like those you mention, and those complaining now are different people, with different opinions ;)


It's all opinions but I've never cared about being robbed of excitement from the restart - if we accept that the safety car is a necessary evil for safety reasons (it's already been discussed above - having the gaps remain and driving to deltas wouldn't be practical as the marshals wouldn't have that 2-3 minutes of empty track at a time), but how is having the cars bunched up in track order any less exciting than what came before any safety car with the cars potentially spread out?


On the other hand, if the sport is openly manipulating the running order on a restart for the purposes of the almighty show (and it is), then for me that's only one step away from Bill France throwing his wristwatch onto the track, GWCs, and all that.