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On the barn find GT40 found in Thousand Oaks Calif. ex-fireman #1067

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#1 HistoryBuff

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:20

I knew Dennis had it, he's a former  LA County fireman. I thought he'd get around to restoring it. Jay Cushman , a vendor of GT40 genuine parts, helped him get it out of the garage and spiff it up after several decades but it still looked rough (though not rusty). It had a Mk.Ii rear body panel, supposedly put on last four, is that possible? Did they run out of Mk.I clamshells?


also does it have a racing history?


It was yellow and black with a black painted bonnet (hood in American lingo)


I know it said Salt Walther on the side but that doesn't mean he ever got it out to the track. It actually belonged to his father. I think Salt died in jail (drug dealing). Dennis bought it when Salt was laid up in the hospital after a big crash.


The buying price was never mentioned,

but since one of the first GT40s recently sold at auction for over $4 million, you know it has to be in the millions of dollars. Of course that early GT40 had a racing history and was Shelby's development car so I could see that price.


Thanks for any info--now is that the LAST GT40 still hidden, or should we hopefuls keep looking?


#2 Allen Brown

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 12:11

I think Salt died in jail (drug dealing).


Salt Walther had a massive accident at Indy in 1973 and was very badly burnt.  His injuries to his hands were particularly severe with several fingers being partly amputated and others being permanently deformed.  He was on very heavy painkillers of course and unfortunately he became addicted to Dilaudid, a drug that is so powerful a painkiller than it's now used in Ohio for executions.  The US justice system saw him as a criminal, not a victim, and he was jailed several times for possession and also for failing to pay child support.  He died at just 65, while in jail for "failing to comply with the order of a police officer".


His life story is a tragic one.  Referring to him as a drug dealer is neither accurate nor helpful.

#3 Tim Murray

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Posted 18 June 2014 - 15:54

Here's an earlier thread about the car: