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On the Serenissima 358V 3.5 liter Spyder that rans LeMans in '66

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#1 HistoryBuff

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 01:28

I never compared the pictures of the 1966 LeMans racer  to a Ferrari 250/275P but at first glance it seems like the Serenissima is a clone of the Ferrari which I think made its appearance in 1964. Who was credited with the Serenissima 358V Spyder's styling?

One report said it only made it one lap into the race? Could that be possible? It must have had to qualify, I wonder if it broke then?

anyway I've found pics on the net of it at a mechanic's shop but I am wondering if all these years it still has its engine since it seemed at some point Count Volpi got some Serenissima engines to Bruce McLaren. That's the only explanation of why I can think it has not run in decades, maybe no engine and there must have only been a few Serenissima V8s cast. At one time the Count had 5 or 6 Serenissimas and I never read of any auction so I wonder where the collection is? In a website called FerrariChat.com he actually wrote some notes, cryptic, so I couldn't figure out if he still has his cars (his theme was something to the effect of  "even if you had the car it is not the same anymore, etc."


On the other hand the Competzione Jet coupe appeared at Villa D'Este concours looking and sounding good so I guess some of the Serenissimas escaped the Count's racing stable...


Thanks for any clues...I hope the car someday makes it to a concours so we can enjoy it again


#2 proviz

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Posted 17 June 2014 - 08:13

My sources suggest that car was designed by Fantuzzi.

In Quentin Spurring's Le Mans history it is credited with 40 laps of Le Mans in 1966. I trust Q has done his research.

Over 20 years ago Maurizio Ravaglia of Autosprint sent me a fax explaining that all cars which belonged to Serenissima, as well as engines and spare parts, were then kept in the Formigine factory under custody of Nello Ugolini.

#3 Jager

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Posted 20 August 2014 - 08:22

Its certainly a great looking car. Pity, it was short lived.