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Dips in form not tolerated ?

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Posted 30 June 2014 - 18:29

I think there are certain things in F1 that contribute to that. In a team sport like football, it's easier to see over a dip in form. You're just one of 11 players + substitues, if you don't perform you still have players who can take your place without hurting the team too much. And you can still come back and win championships in the process. You don't have that liberty in F1. You either perform or it's bust. There's only around 20 places free in F1 - that's gotta strengthen the pressure too.



Nah. People greatly exaggerate how bad he was that year. He was still in fine form. Just had a few bad weekends here and there is all. I think of a driver having a slump when they're consistently performing badly over a period of time.


I don't think he was that bad that season, but he was a good chunk behind Jenson, for a larger amount of the season. Still pretty competitive. It was basically the last real dip I've seen from him. I think he learned a lot from that season