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Lorraine special / Engineering

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Posted 08 August 2014 - 18:15

Hi Folks,

A pal of mine has just been in touch to ask if I can find out anything about Lorraine Engineering who were based in Elvaston Mews, SW7 as he has a Triumph  based special which they built in the late '50s / early '60s.

 so does anyone on here know anything about them? Photos would be great, obviously, or old adverts? I'll have a look through my Motorsports at the weekend, but my Collection is from '62 onwards, (though I have some earlier ones)

The funny thing is, Robin and I met whilst working in a mews literally a minutes walk from there, and he never knew why the car was called the 'Lorraine special' - he assumed it was after the builder's wife / girlfriend / lover / cat.

He only found out by chance whilst discussing a different car with a chap who it turned out had had a drive in the Lorraine in the late '60s!

funny old world.


Here's the info he has given me and a couple of photos (it looks oddly familiar, has it been discussed before? )



I have just discovered a snippet of possible history on one of my 50s/60s specials that you may be able to help me investigate via the forums etc.
The special in question is/was (I'm told) Triumph TR2/3 based with ali body and resembled a Lotus 7 n steiroids! I have spoken to a guy who even had a rid in it in the late 1960s when it was owned in the Watford area by a character called Guy Liddell. All attempts to contact him have failed.
Anyway, to cut to the chase as they say, having owned the remains since 2004 the guy who had a spin in it in the late 1960s contacted me the other day about a Tornado register gathering .He said he was reading an old late 1950s motosport and saw an ad for Lorraine engineering. He then went on to say that this was who had built the thing. A fact I never knew before (owned it 10 years, discovered nothing, then find something out as a result of a totally differnt car marque meeting; typical!).
So, Lorraine engineering did exist I have found ads in a couple of motosports for them. Based intially in Elvaston Mews, Queens Gate, SW7 would you believe! They became London agents for Downton Engineering in 1961 and moved to Gunter Grove, SW10 sometime later.
I thought with the Downton / Mini link you would be bound to be able to shed some light on them!! Or perhaps find something out about them from the forum jungle which I have never really ventured into!
I attache a couple of the best photos I have of the beast. It has been robbed of the TR engine and box, the owner 2 before me scrapped the whole, rather beautiful alloy rear tail section and the remains is in a sorry state. On the plus side it was well made when first constructed with lovely delicate tubular wishbones and inboard rearbraked with de Dion tube. All Ali body missing the rear end and front wings now sadly but still very saveable and worthwhile (in my opinion)

I would love to know more about Lorraine engineering. I guess it was made by an employee. One of their empployees in the 1960s was Anthony Marsh. (The one who became F1 comentator later not the hillclimber I think but am not totally sure.)

If you can find anything out to add about them that would be great.


Lorraine by alastairbrownuk, on Flickr


Lorraine 001 by alastairbrownuk, on Flickr



Any ideas?


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#2 Tim Murray

Tim Murray
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Posted 08 August 2014 - 18:48

The Anthony Marsh (commentator) connection is mentioned in his obituary thread:

Interesting thread this I have a mini cooper which used to belong to Mr Anthony Marsh the car has a Downton conversion and was used as a demonstrator at Lorraine engineering based at gunter grove in London, Lorraine were the London Agents for Downton I have an article from 1962 motoring news which has a half page article about the car Anthony Marsh the Downton conversion etc and how the car's seat had to be special modified for his tall frameā€¦ He was sales manger at Lorraine at the time this must hav been about 1963 the car had the number 1 ELY which had some connection with ely marshes, I know that Jackie Stewart wrote his abituary for the BRDC which I think you can still call up on there website I have been trying to get a history of the car up together for shows so any pics of the gent in action would be great