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Early 1960s UK Formula Libre including an Amon win

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#1 Marcor

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Posted 04 September 2001 - 20:42

Can anyone tell me more about those races won by a F1 car. It's mainly clubby races.

December 26th, 1960
Boxing Day Formula libre race at Brands Hatch
1- Tony Marsh Lotus 18 Climax 2.5 L
2- John Campbell-Jones Cooper Climax
3- Ascott Lotus Climax

April 3rd, 1961 Formula libre race at Mallory Park.

I even don't know if this race was run. Those drivers had to appear: Tim Parnell (Lotus), Russell, Gerry Ashmore, André Pilette, Twisk

September or October 1961 Formula libre race at Kirkistown (Ireland) short race of only 28 km
1- Pringle Cooper 2.5 L
2- Templeton Lotus
3- Hopkirk Lotus

June, 2nd or 3rd, 1963 (whitsun ?) Formula race at Mallory Park
1- Chris Amon Lola T4 Climax V8
2- Taylor (John ?) Lola Climax
3- Pearce Alexis Ford (F Junior ?)

also entered
Raby Gilby BRM
Summers Cooper Chevrolet

The same week-end at Silverstone
1- Tim Parnell Lotus Climax
2- Ian Raby Gilby BRM
3- John Taylor Cooper T59 GR-13-62 Ford (entered by Bob Gerard)


#2 Keir

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Posted 04 September 2001 - 23:32

I believe that somewhere buried on "THE" thread is an account of the Amon win. The others? I'm not sure. Anybody??

#3 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 04 September 2001 - 23:51

THe April 3rd Mallory race did take place; the result was:

1 Brian Naylor JBW-Maserati
2 Tim Parnell Lotus 18
3 George Pitt Cooper Monaco.

I'm not sure about the other names you mention. andre Pilette was entered by Reg Parnell but was not able to race as the meeting was of National British status and he was driving on a Belgian licence. THe first two finished 0.4 secs apart and lapped all but Pitt who was 53 secs behind (fastest lap 56 secs). The field included MGAs, Elva Couriers and Lotus Elites. April 3rd waas Easter Monday, so there was a lot of racing around the country.

More on the other races tomorrow if someone doesn't beat me to it.

#4 Roger Clark

Roger Clark
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Posted 05 September 2001 - 21:33

December 26th 1960 Brands Hatch:

THe result in Autosport gives Dizzy Addicott third in a 1216cc Lotus sports car; a 17? Marsh's Lotus may not have been an F1; Autosport said it was an F2 car being modified for the new F1. Jock Russell was on pole in a 2-litre Lotus 15, but his engine was boiling on the line - on Boxing Day?? He got away slowly and went off at Clearways on the first lap. Marsh, from the second row, led from start to finish. Fourth was George Wicken (F2 Cooper), fifth (I thnk) Graham Eden (F2 Cooper).