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What track is this?

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#1 Bjorn

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Posted 07 September 2001 - 23:53


5th from the top. I'm quite certain the description is wrong (KYALAMI 1980 (Sudafrica) On board con la Renault di Jabouille), because it quite frankly doesn't look like Kyalami at all. According to Forix, the track remained the same from 1968-1985, and the 1978 clip on the same site is very recognizable as Kyalami. Now. I've been comparing the track to all the trackmaps of all the tracks listed under 1980 at Forix, and it does not fit any of those, as far as I can tell...

Anyone know where this might be?


#2 mhferrari

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 00:23

I'd tell you if I had a faster modem. In the picture before the download, it sort of looks like ol' Kyalami.

#3 FLB

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 00:36

To me, that looks like Dijon 1979. Both Arnoux and Jabouille went out in practice (I don't remember what day though) for the Cinémathèque Elf. At they time, Elf was filming on-board laps at every track. What was shot makes most of the Lap of The Gods film.

There are other errors in the list given by the site. The first picture does indeed seem like Regazzoni at Kyalami, but in 1980 (Ensign) and not 1978.

The Carlos Reutemann film cannot possibly be from 1982 as he was gone from the team (he retired) and replaced first by Mario Andretti at Long Beach and then by Derek Daly for the rest of the season.

The same, the John Watson film cannot be from 1974 (the McLaren drivers were Mass and Emerson Fittiplaldi). I suspect it's from 1980 when the British GP was held at Brands. It's a very familiar film.

#4 Crazy Canuck

Crazy Canuck
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Posted 08 September 2001 - 01:29

Originally posted by FLB
To me, that looks like Dijon 1979...

I agree. At the end of the lap there are billboards on the left side of the road advertising Gitanes [1m16s] and Galois both are a brand of french cigarettes. This along with the track configuration lead me to believe that this is dijon.


#5 Timekeeper

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 08:16

Thanks for posting the link Bjorn, there were some interesting clips.
I think FLB is right on the money. The Regga clip is definately 1980 and the Jabouille clip certainly looks like Dijon. The camera angle is great, it must have been on a rig high above the rear wing.

My guess on the Reutemann clip would be 1975. He is certainly in a Brabham not a Williams and looks to me like a BT44. Look at the front suspension, nothing like a FWO7s rocker arms. Below the mirror is another give away, you can see that rather than a sidepod it is a pyramid shaped chassis. Great clip though.:)

#6 Rick Baumhauer

Rick Baumhauer
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Posted 08 September 2001 - 14:14

Have to agree that the clip is Dijon '79 - I think that's when Renault ran those "hoop" rear wings, with the attachment point at the bottom.

The Watson clip, on the other hand, appears to be '78, in the Brabham-Alfa. The cockpit is far too upright to be a later-vintage McLaren, and that engine note certainly doesn't sound like any Cosworth I've ever heard.

#7 Bjorn

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 18:32

Thanks guys. :up: :)

#8 AlesiGOD

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 20:59

Was wondering this myself, there's a clip there from Kyalami which looks very different...

#9 Jhope

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 21:18

Dijon for sure.

#10 fines

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Posted 08 September 2001 - 21:23

The Reutemann footage is from 1974, without the chicanes at Anthony Nogues and St. Devote. The Kyalami is indeed from 1980, with some hair-raising shuffling going on... :eek:

The Renaults run at Dijon, and the Brands Hatch footage seems to be from 1980.